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Top Breast Pump Bags by Budget

Looking for a breast pump bag for going back to work or traveling? The first thing to consider is always budget! There's a bag out there in every price range that'll get the job done.

If you'd like, a regular backpack or diaper bag works just fine. But sometimes we want a special bag that has a "pump pocket" or a cooler pocket, insulated bottle pockets, or other fun features not present in a standard backpack. Sometimes we just want something a little more special to "treat ourselves"

Here I have gathered my top picks for breast pump bags in every budget range! Remember- you don't need a special bag. But sometimes it's really nice to have, and that padded "pump pocket" may just save your pump one day!

Please note some brands have updated their pricing since writing this post and it may be slightly higher than it was before. Please check their websites for the most accurate pricing.


I am a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. However, the advice and tips on my pages is not personalized individual medical advice and you should always discuss concerns with your healthcare provider or seek the help of a lactation professional. I do not currently offer consults or counseling, just general information and advice.

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through one of my links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to support my blog and family! Read my full disclosure here.


Cheapest and gets the job done- Under $50

The Bag I originally had wanted to put in this section is currently no longer available, it was my very first pump bag and cost around $40 on Amazon, I'll put it here in hopes that one day it'll come back in stock but it can also be used as a comparison to look for something similarly priced/built.

I'll put the highest rated and lowest priced alternatives as well, but I have not personally tested them yet.

Cheapest Amazon Breast Pump Backpack

Here's one that's very well rated but is a tote rather than a backpack, it's got two pockets on either side (padded for pump protection), a laptop pocket, 3 insulated pockets, and a "mommy pocket". It doesn't include a cooler or anything, but does have a changing pad that can double as a staging mat. For around $30 this isn't bad. The full price is listed at $60 and it's currently "marked down" but I would wonder if this is one of those products on a constant "sale". Again I have not tested this one myself.

Cheapest Amazon Breast Pump Bags


Mid price range and good quality- $50 - $90

In the "mid" price range, you can find a decent selection of pump bags in both tote or backpack style (or even a fanny pack/sling bag!). You can also get a more expensive bag on sale or with a coupon into this price range, for example you can get a $100 bag for 15% off and pay around $85 before shipping and tax.

The Allie Bag is intended for portable or wearable pumps, and retails for $80. You can take 15% off with the code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD15 to save a little more money on it. She's currently available in two colors, black and red. I have heard rumors there are more coming!

She's certainly no "big" pump bag for larger pumps, but she does fit smaller portable ones.

Sarah Wells Allie Sling Bag Review

Another small portable pump bag I'm a big fan of is the Harper by Mimiandpal. This one is a belt bag intended for use while pumping, there are rivets on the sides for tubing to pass through so the bag can be zipped closed while in use. This one is $89 before discount, the code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD takes off 10% but she does sales semi often that are around 15% off. Currently the Harper is only available in one color, and it's on sale for $84. I believe there is a new version coming out (based on the fact that all of the other colors have sold out and not restocked). Update November 2023: Harper 2.0 is released in regular and large size! Still $89 for regular and $119 for large. I have both and they're an amazing upgrade from the 1.0!

This also makes a great mom bag for when you need just a few things on hand- I like it a lot for going on walks where I can keep my phone and important items in arms reach while the diaper bag isn't right there. She's by no means a "full size" pump bag, but a pump bag in the budget range nonetheless.

Mimiandpal harper pump bag review

The Sarah Wells Suzy bag is a proper, large sized, pump bag. She retails for $99 but with a 15% discount comes out around $80, and fits large sized pumps and accessories. This bag is a tote style, no backpack straps, and has a padded pump pocket inside.

Sarah Wells Suzy Bag Review


Standard "bigger brand breast pump bag" price- $100

This is the "most breast pump bags are priced around here" territory, especially more well known brands. Here are some very good ones in this price neighborhood!

The Sarah Wells Lizzy bag was my first ever "really nice" breast pump bag, after I got a little tired of my $40 Amazon bag. This bag is priced at $109 before discount, and fits a TON of stuff. She also makes an excellent diaper bag, or even a weekender if you're not a huge overpacker. This bag has tote straps and a long strap, but no backpack straps. There are two padded pockets inside for a breast pump (and they're insulated to store milk) and even a laptop pocket.

The code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD15 should take off around $15 or $17 dollars if I recall correctly, bringing the price before tax and shipping just under $100.

Sarah Wells Lizzy Bag Review

If you'd prefer a backpack, the Kelly is similar in size (but has only one interior padded pump pocket) and one exterior pocket that fits a ceres chill, and has both tote and backpack straps. She also has a laptop pocket.

Kelly is $125 before discount, but for some people that extra capability of being a backpack is well worth the cost. My 15% off code should take off about $18.

Sarah Wells Kelly Backpack Review

My favorite NON BACKPACK pump bag:

The Ren Organizer by Mimiandpal. These come out to about $117 after discount but retail at $130. This is the bag I used to bring my breast pump supplies to the hospital with me when I had my third baby (read that post here!) and I have truly transitioned into using this almost exclusively. It fits all of my supplies inside and then I toss a ceres chill into the side of my diaper bag and call it a day. This bag opens wide and lays flat, each size zips open and can be filled with your breast pump motors (mostly portable/smaller sized pumps, nothing like a large Spectra) and flanges, things like pump wipes and an extra bra, and more. It fits the minimal amount of supplies I bring with me when I go out, which is a full pump and flange setup and a spare manual pump, and then extras like spare bra, wipes, nipple cream, etc. I love this bag because it doesn't have a very large footprint while keeping everything in the space I put it in. No deep diving in a big bag.

The code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD brings this bag down to about $117.

ren breast pump organizer bag by mimi and pal

ren breast pump organizer bag by mimi and pal review


Getting up there, "did I really spend that on a pump bag" territory: $165 - $180

This is usually a price range that most people don't care to get up to for a pump bag, but if you do, here are my top recommendations!

The Norah By Sarah Wells is a tote/backpack carry, with a structured wire frame (opens kind of like a doctor bag!). This bag has two padded pump pockets, also insulated for milk storage with ice packs, and a laptop pocket. This is one of my very favorite pump bags for the structure and lightweight feel of it, and I also like to use it as a diaper bag because it's easy to organize and I can keep clothes and diapers in the padded pockets and "easy access" stuff on the top through the wire frame opening.

Norah retails at $165, but can be discounted approximately $25ish with my 15% off code. Occasionally during sales (like Amazon prime day) I've seen the mineral color discounted as low as $100. *Mineral has been discontinued as of January 2024

Sarah Wells Norah Breast Pump Bag Review

Another great backpack pump bag by Sarah Wells is the Fiona - this is their first completely machine washable bag. Made out of neoprene like the Allie sling, she's very similar in size to the other bags (such as Norah and Kelly) and has very good size capacity. This is the first of their bags to have both two interior padded pump pockets AND an exterior expanding bottle pocket. I personally like the feel of the straps on the Fiona better than the other backpack straps, the neoprene is just so comfy and squishy.

Fiona retails at $65 but can be discounted about $25ish with my 15% off code.

Sarah Wells Fiona Backpack Review

The 2-in-1 Provisions Backpack by Petunia Pickle Bottom is a great bag as well. Regular price is $189 but they have an Olive Ink Blot color that's been marked down to $125 for quite some time, and I know the code PPB15 works on one purchase of a full priced item. This bag is very impressive in size and weight, and the bottom portion is wipeable and insulated. It's actually one of my favorite diaper bags to use, because it truly fits SO MUCH inside and is very lightweight. You can use some of their matching accessories (like the "cool pixel" is a little cooler pod) or pair it with anything else you may have (wet/dry bag, organizing pouches etc.)

If you were to get 15% off of the full priced one, I believe the cost would be down to about $160. The olive ink blot color does have a "stained" look to it, but for $125 it's not bad.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Provisions Bag Review


"All the bells and whistles, bougie bag": $180 - $200

This price range is straight up "treat yourself" territory, and most people are taken back by the idea of spending almost $200 on a bag. If you DO want to buy a bag that expensive- I've got two stellar recommendations for you.

The Radley Pump Backpack by Mimiandpal is absolutely one of my most expensive and highest quality bags. There are a TON of pockets in here, 6 ways to carry, and just looks amazing. The vegan leather is extremely high quality, and doubles as a very bougie diaper bag. Read my full blog post on all Mimi and Pal Bags here!

I have the matching Radley Cooler with mine, which fits perfectly inside with a pump in the bottom compartment. You can even remove the divider to make it one large space inside instead of two divided spaces.

It makes an excellent bag for traveling moms as it has a luggage sleeve on the back and multiple exterior pockets for easy access to your phone or any important documents.

My discount code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD takes off 10%, which is about $19. The Radley 2.0 Version was released on March 7th 2024, and it is AMAZING. I have a reel on the changes here, and a bit more on this bag here.

Mimiandpal Radley Pump Backpack Review, Mimiandpal Discount code

Prefer a more "tote" style? The Sarah Wells Abby is a large tote style bag with leather handles, and fits quite a lot of stuff. Two padded pump pockets with plenty of interior room as well, she's very popular as a work bag. Retailing at $199, a 15% discount will bring the total down about $30.

Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag Review


I hope this list helps narrow down some of the many many options for pump bags on the market, and I do have FULL reviews on these bags (and more) on this post here.

Be sure to check out some of my other pumping/breastfeeding related posts, such as:

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