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Nipple Ruler

I offer a free printable nipple measuring tool here.


Please be sure to print the PDF in full scale for accurate sizes. (Clicking the button and printing it exactly how it is!) I recommend measuring pre-pumping, hand stimulating the nipple first. You can add 1-2mm for your flange size, but use whatever is the most comfortable for you! I suggest a snug fit for elastic nipples - and silicone flanges are always worth a try!

You can also visit the second link to order rulers if you do not have a printer. I can no longer afford to send them for free at the rate they're being requested, sorry!

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 7.46.53 PM.png

Amazon Lists

Click here to shop my amazon lists! I've compiled a lot of our most used/loved items in easy-to-navigate categories.


I sell sets of pumping stickers, and cow spot stickers for breast pumps! Check them out here.

Etsy Shop

I also design notebooks and sell them here on my Etsy store. These are perfect for mom journals, mommy and me journals, pump logs, letters to your baby, and more! Check them out here.

Buy me a cookie?

If I have helped you in any way, please consider leaving a small tip. These donations contribute to new content and supplies, and support my family!


Find my famous "pumping is breastfeeding" shirts here!


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