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Nipple Ruler

I offer a free, printable nipple measuring tool here.


Please be sure to print the PDF in full scale for accurate sizes. (Clicking the button and printing it exactly how it is!) I recommend measuring pre-pumping, hand stimulating the nipple first. You can add 1-2mm for your flange size, but use whatever is the most comfortable for you! I suggest a snug fit for elastic nipples - and silicone flanges are always worth a try!

You can also visit the second link to order rulers if you do not have a printer. I can no longer afford to send them for free at the rate they're being requested, sorry!


Sticker Packs

A set of 11 pumping stickers designed by yours truly!


Cow Spot Pump Stickers

Cow spot shaped stickers to deck out your pumps (or other stuff!) I've got tons of color options available.


Tip Jar

If I have helped you in any way, please consider leaving a small tip. These donations contribute to new content and supplies, and support my family!


Pumping Shirts

I have recently started designing some fun shirts that are themed around pumping and breastfeeding. The profits from these shirt sales also turn back around into new content and support upkeep of the website. 

Cream And Pastel Beige Abstract World Kidney Day Facebook Post.png


Pumpables has my all time favorite pump, the Genie Advanced. I am also a fan of the liquid shield flange system! Save 10% with my code:


Boob Box

Boob Box, a mom-run small business, provides 5 different boxes of hand picked breastfeeding essentials that are exactly what you need to start your journey off comfortably! The owner is also a Lactation Consultant, and really knows her stuff! I've bought 4 build a boxes so far, and I don't see an end to that anytime soon. She's got my favorite cookies! Save 15% with my code:

boob box.png

Davin and Adley

Davin and Adley is a mom-run small business that sells 5 different styles of nursing/pumping bras. My favorite is the Amelia- pictured here. Can you believe I have six of them? They hold all of my flanges/cups very well, and I wear them all day every day in lieu of a shirt! She recently released full length tanks that I also love!

Save 10% with my code:


Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama Organics has some of my very favorite products, including the Nipple Butter, Diaper Balm, and Raspberry Leaf Tea! I also have a ton of other stuff that I love like the lavender baby lotion, belly butter, calendula baby oil, deodorants, chapsticks, and all of the sunscreens! Save 15% with my code:

earth mama.png

Legendairy Milk

Legendairy Milk has a great set of collection cups, the Duette electric pump, Imani pumps, a great silicone nipple ruler, adorable stickers, and a whole slew of supplements. I take their sunflower lecithin, and I've been running through their whole line of fenugreek free supplements on a trial basis. So far I've liked liquid gold, but it certainly doesn't work for everyone (hence the trial sizes). They also make duckbills with pull tabs that are very good quality, I use them instead of stock Spectra ones.

Save 15% with my code:



When I say I've used this more times than I can count, I'm 100% serious. Every time I go out with my kids and I expect to be walking, I take this. Even if we're pushing them in the stroller, I bring this. My youngest is an absolute spider monkey and hates when I'm not holding her. It has saved my back, hip, and arms, time and time again. I'm also a huge fan of the pocket space it's got!

Save 15% with my code:


ErgoBaby Embrace

Remember that spider monkey baby I mentioned? This carrier quite literally carried us through the first few months. Contact naps were a huge deal- but so was being able to get up and do stuff! This is the best of 3 carriers I've tried, and I still use it at least once a day.

Save 10% with my code:


Ceres Chill

These super fancy chiller bottles keep milk cold for over 20 hours. Great for bringing more than one serving of milk from the fridge to feed while you're out, or storing fresh milk when you have to pump away from home. They can also be used as a standard water bottle or thermos when you wean!

Save 15% with my code:

ceres chill-2.png

Milk Flats

I thought I was freezing my bags super flat, just by laying them on their side. Then my friend sent me a set of milk flats that she makes- and I was sad that the rest of my stash wasn't as flat as that bag I just froze was! I wish I had this before, I would have saved sooo much space! Plus, mine was custom printed with my logo on it :)

Save 15% with my code:



LaVie carries two different types of lactation massagers, one with vibration only and one with heat and vibration. I have both of them, and like them both for different reasons. The heat ones require pretty frequent charging, and I almost always forget. But the standard ones have a nice scooping edge to help push milk down. They also carry silver nipple cups which magically and miraculously healed a wicked crack I had for over two weeks! They also carry Boob Bags by bemybreastfriend, which I have in a brown color and I like to keep my massagers/chargers inside of it.

Save 10% with my code:



Mimiandpal is a mom-run small business that offers the Harper pump bag- essentially the fanciest fanny pack I've ever owned. It has two holes on the side for your pump tubing, perfectly cradles your portable pump, and has extra room for little things like chapstick, snacks, etc. There's even a waterproof wipes pocket! I used mine both for carrying my pump at home and for carrying some essentials on a walk around the block with my kids. I love it! I have the Dusty Rose color.

Save 10% with my code:



Onepumpedmama is a small, mom-run business who sells not only the pump caddy, but also three different pump bags (that are also great diaper bags, by the way!) She has the minimalist, maximalist, and cooler bag pictured on the side. I put one of each color but she has all bags in three different colors. I have one of each of them. You can also see my picture here of what I carried my pumps on before I had a caddy. She also recently added these super cute sweaters that say "Pumping is my cardio"!

Save 10% with my code:

Untitled design-5.png

Pumpin Pals

Pumpin Pals makes very comfortable, angled silicone flanges. They come in a number of sizes (XS is about 15mm for reference) and are a huuuuge step up from hard plastic flanges! They require a few extra pieces to be used- a wide neck adapter piece and collars (collars may be for only the smaller sizes I believe). Here you can see them being used with my Pumpables Genie Advanced and my Spectra Synergy Gold.
I'm told the code "Jenn4off" or "pump4off" works for $4 off of a large or small set.


Junobie Bags

Junobie sells a whole line of milk storage products like bags, boxes, jars, freezer trays, and cooling cups. I personally have just the bags (for now anyways) but I hope to try more things later on, especially the super cute boxes with the little spout. I love how everything is BPA free and has zero plastic! I'm also a big fan of the nice smooth feel of some matte silicone.. is that normal?

Save 10% by clicking here:


Sarah Wells Bags

Sarah Wells has a very impressive line of pump supply bags- they're very great in quality and material feel. I bought a whole bundle during the outlet sale and I'm very pleased with them, it makes me want to pack up and leave the house so much more! Update: I bought two more bags after that. This is my #1 bag brand!

Save 15% with my code:


Liquid Gold Goods

Liquid Gold Goods is a mom run small business that bakes and sells literally the BEST cookies I have ever eaten. So far I've had the Oreo overload and red velvet sugar cookies, and they barely made it 48 hours before being completely DEVOURED. I'll be back for more, very very soon! Get 10% off with my code: 



I recently received a Zomee Z2 double electric pump. This thing is a BEAST, I cannot even begin to tell you. It has cycle patterns I have never seen in other pumps! It often empties me faster than any of my other pumps, I still can't believe I had never tried it! Save 20% with my code:


Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy has a TON of stuff- I have 4 of their diaper bags and a ton of the small packing cubes and bags. These are the highest quality diaper bags I have ever had. I'm very impressed with them, and have reels walking through them on my Instagram page!  We also have some of the older toys around the house, and used to have pacifiers and teethers. Get $15 off with the link below!


Idaho Jones

I recently got my hands on a Pump-a-Porter from Idaho Jones to carry my Spectra S1 while pumping- and this thing is actually super cool. I have a waist bag for my smaller pumps, now I have a waist bag for my larger pumps. Some do require battery banks, which is my next investment. I hope to try more Idaho Jones bags soon!

Update: I've also tried the airedale and chertsey, both very spacious bags!

Save 15% with my link below.


Little BaeBae Co

Little BaeBae is a website that sells a whole bunch of different brands, including Junobie, Bokee, Nanobebe, Elkie & Co, Baby's Brew, Tushbaby and way more! Save $10 with my code:

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 4.16.35 PM.png
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Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd sells a whole bunch of fun and bubbly goodies- so far we've only tried the regulars bundle (lavender and rosemary soap and lotion, and the all over ointment) and we LOVE it. The soap lathers so nice, and the lotion leaves a super soft skin without being slimy. The AOO is great for little dry patches, my youngest gets those! Use my link to save 10%!

Untitled design-3.png


Coboo sells the best pumping spray I've tried- the spray is a nice wide spread compared to others that have a straight shot (that you then have to wipe around using your finger). They also make an excellent nipple balm stick that melts gently when applied, but stays firm in the tube when idle instead of melting all over the place. I have also gotten my hands on their adorable tiny milk jugs and they are truly so cool- not only for milk storage but for other things like my toddler's play kitchen or my baby putting things inside of them like pom poms or Q tips! Save 10% with my code:

Untitled design-4.png

Of An Origin

Of an Origin is a small, mom owned business that sells amazingly comfortable clothes for motherhood! The joggers are my absolute favorite, I also have two of the shirts that are very convenient for pumping/nursing and can be worn in multiple ways. These items aren't cheap, but in my opinion they're well worth the cost! You can save 15% with my code:

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