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Nipple Ruler

I offer a free printable nipple measuring tool here.


Please be sure to print the PDF in full scale for accurate sizes. (Clicking the button and printing it exactly how it is!) I recommend measuring pre-pumping, hand stimulating the nipple first. You can add 1-2mm for your flange size, but use whatever is the most comfortable for you! I suggest a snug fit for elastic nipples - and silicone flanges are always worth a try!

You can also visit the second link to order rulers if you do not have a printer. I can no longer afford to send them for free at the rate they're being requested, sorry!

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 7.46.53 PM.png

Amazon Lists

Click here to shop my amazon lists! I've compiled a lot of our most used/loved items in easy-to-navigate categories.

Keychains & Pens

Check out my diaper bag keychains and pens here! I have ready to ship items, mystery items, and you can always contact me for something custom!

Tip Jar

If I have helped you in any way, please consider leaving a small tip. These donations contribute to new content and supplies, and support my family!


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