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Mimiandpal Breast Pump Bags Review

Here I will review all of the bags and accessories offered by the brand Mimi and Pal! Spoiler alert: This is one of my favorite bag brands. Her designs are so well thought out and unique, and the materials are AMAZING, the pebbled vegan leather is very sturdy and premium and the hardware is all very high quality as well. I believe her zippers are YKK.

View my master list of brands here! I had to split the review post by brand because it got so long it took forever to load.

The brand "Mimi and Pal" sells breast pump bags and accessories that are versatile to be used beyond breastfeeding days. Her current lineup includes the following:

  1. The Harper Breast pump bag - fannypack/crossbody

  2. The Radley Breast Pump Backpack

  3. The Radley Cooler

  4. The Ren Breast Pump Organizer - sort of like a briefcase style but vegan leather

  5. The Ren Milk Clutch - a small sized insulated cooler bag

I have used all of these and will include my thoughts on them below!

Also - they have a breast pump compatibility chart if you need to know that your pump fits in to their bag.


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The Harper Breast Pump Fanny Pack

This was my first and original purchase from Mimi and Pal back in September of 2022. I purchased what is now the 1.0 version, she has since updated with a 2.0 version.

The Harper is a fanny pack tailored specifically for pumping moms, as Mimi was an exclusively pumping mom with a NICU baby who needed a solution and created her own.

The Harper has features such as grommet holes for pump tubing to pass through the sides of the bag (it should be noted that this is the FIRST of its kind to have this, it has since been shamefully copied by other brands) and a waterproof pocket for wipes. The lining is water resistant, which is a GREAT feature. I recently spilled a bit of milk into mine while pumping, and it wipes right off! Another bag would have soaked that up and stained or molded.

She has also added card slots on the inside of the bag, and there are two exterior zipped pockets (one is a wipes pocket) and one interior zipped pocket.

You can use belt straps, a crossbody strap, or stroller straps, all interchangeable on the bag. The Harper is available in 2 sizes, regular and large. The large fits pumps as big as the full sized Spectra!

Here are the two sizes available, this is the color "Walnut".

Mimi and Pal Harper Breast Pump Bag Review
Image via Mimiandpal

You can find the Harper here! Save 10% with the code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD.

This is one of my most used bags. As a pumping mom, this comes extremely in handy when I need to pump but also need to get up and move. The regular size fits both of my regular pumps, the Baby Buddha and the Unimom Opera. I will also use this bag as a "keep things nearby" bag that stays on my body while we're out with the kids and the rest of the things are in the diaper bag.

I absolutely love the upgrade she made with the straps able to change out, that was a feature I had wished for with the 1.0! I even remove my waist belts and tuck them inside the bag for neat storage on my shelf. Because... I have multiple and it looks nicer.

These cost $89 for the regular size and $119 for the larger size, and in my opinion they are very well worth it. The quality is impeccable and they're truly so useful in multiple ways, and come in really handy for pumping around the house and wanting your hands free.

The Ren Breast Pump Organizer

This is another bag that is truly the first of its kind, there is NOTHING else on the market quite like this.

This is a sort of briefcase style bag, with handles on the top for carrying, but it does also have D rings to attach a crossbody strap to.

It opens and lays flat, like this:

Mimi and Pal Ren Organizer Review
Image via Mimi and Pal

It's a one of a kind breast pump organizer bag for moms on the move! This fits small-medium sized breast pumps, flanges, wearable breast pumps, even milk chillers.

I love this pump bag because it fits everything I need inside, allowing me to have a full diaper bag and then a separate smaller pump bag (I have three kids and tend to overpack, so there is no "one bag to rule them all" for me!)

Here's what I packed in mine:

Mimi and Pal Ren Organizer Review

Breast pump flange/bottle setup with all parts, manual pump and parts, pump wipes, feeding bottle, nipple balm, electric pump, extra pumping bra, spare milk bags. After I took the photo I actually added a second pump motor (the same size as the one pictured).

I will then add a ceres chill milk chiller in my diaper bag side pocket, though these organizers do come with a matching milk clutch pouch I find that I need a little more room to store! Sometimes I need two chiller bottles, one for already pumped - older and ready to feed milk, and one for fresh that I will add to my pitcher cycle when I return home!

This is the Ren Organizer and Ren Milk Clutch in the color "Olive"

mimi and pal Ren Organizer review
Image via Mimi and Pal

You can find the Ren Organizer here! Save 10% with code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD.

If you know me, you know that I have a LOT of bags. The Ren Organizer tops my list for favorite pump bag, and has been the one I reach for more often than any others! I personally have a few of these on hand and match some of my Harper bags. They are versatile for more than just breast pump supplies too- You can use these for work supplies, kids restaurant or travel kits, toiletries, really anything you want to organize.

This is a bag that does not scream "Breast pump bag!". These cost $130 and in my opinion, are well worth the price. Another bag of impeccable quality and so well thought out, this is a bag I highly recommend.

The Radley Breast Pump Backpack

The Radley is one of the most gorgeous breast pump bags on the market, there are truly not many in the vegan leather vibe! I have the 1.0 version, but there is a 2.0 release on the horizon and I am SO excited. the first version had a couple things I had wished were a little different (like expanding side pockets for example) so I'm really looking forward to that being a possibility on the new version, Mimi (owner) listens to everything the customers say and really delivered on the Harper upgrades, so there's no doubt in my mind she'll have done the same for the Radley.

This bag has really unique features like a removable center divider, which can give you the option to have one full sized space in the middle (think one giant pocket) or divide the bag to top and bottom, where the bottom is accessible through the front pocket and the top is accessible through the top pocket. Here's what that looks like:

Mimi and pal radley backpack review
Image via Mimi and Pal

As you can see there, the divider is in place and the bag is separated into top and bottom. You can also see some of the many pockets she added - she did not waste a single inch of this bag!

Mimi and pal radley backpack review
Image via Mimi and Pal

Here's a front on view of the pocket open with the matching cooler inside, you can see there's a mesh zipped pocket and key leash on the inside of the pocket flap and more of those little elastic pockets (to the left of the pump). Seriously, not an inch wasted. I think there's a total of 19 pockets in here? There's really a spot for everything in here.

The bag fits large sized pumps like spectra, and also features a trolley sleeve on the back. You can also swap out the straps for a shoulder strap, crossbody strap, and stroller straps.

She sent out an email recently mentioning there will be 6 colors released of the updated Radley, previously there were just three (toffee, stone, and black) so I'm really looking forward to those!

Here's a photo of the black with a larger pump inside, the Spectra S1.

Mimiandpal Radley Backpack Review
Image via Mimi and Pal

Overall I really think this bag is well worth the cost. These are $194, which is very on par for the materials they're made of and the care that went into designing all of the features they have.

My overall review of the brand itself:

As I mentioned in the beginning, this is one of my favorite brands. Not just for the products, but for everything. Marian (mimi) is a truly wonderful person, she's created these amazing products for pumping moms because she is a pumping mom and saw a gap she could fill with products she could create. The Harper was her first product, that she designed for herself when she was exclusively pumping for her son while he was in the NICU. Here's a link to a post she made about their story as a brand.

I love when a brand is "more than a brand" and there's a great story about WHY they came to be, and the owner is a truly caring and great person. I'm a huge advocate for shopping small as well- I would much rather support a small business and a dream rather than a big business with cheap products and you have no idea who the owner is, and they don't have a story behind their "why".

Some people turn their nose because of the price of these products, but as someone who has owned and tested a TON of bags, I can tell you with 100% honesty these are built well and made to last, and well worth their price tag.


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