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Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags Reviews

You wouldn't believe how many bags I have. For easier reviewing and reading purposes, I will be separating each brand into a full post. This post is my reviews on the bags by Sarah Wells, one of my very favorite brands. I have every type of bag they offer currently on the market, and some multiples in different colors/prints. I will say here with complete honesty, these bags are very well made and worth every penny. She also offers a lifetime warranty on all of her products -excluding those purchased during the outlet sale- which you do not see from many other brands! So this means for example if you buy a bag now, and in two years a stitch comes loose, they will replace your bag for free.

These are not ranked in any particular order, just written in the order that they appeared in my mind. Pricing will be updated if it happens to change on the site, it will stay at full retail and I will show the discounted price if my 15% off discount is applied! That discount code is TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD15

  1. Lizzy Tote - $109 full price, code takes off about $17

  2. Kelly Backpack - $130 full price, code takes off about $20

  3. Norah Backpack - $170 full price, code takes off about $22

  4. Fiona Backpack - $170 full price, code takes off about $22

  5. Allie Sling Bag - full price $95, code takes off about $14.25

  6. Suzy Tote - full price $99, code takes off about $15

Accessories worth noting:

  1. Pumparoo wet/dry bag with staging mat - the FIRST of it's kind, copied after sarah's original. Machine washable.

  2. Cold Gold cooler

  3. PackSWell nesting bags (insulated and machine washable!)


This post contains affiliate links. This means that with any purchases made through my links, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to support my business and family! Read my full disclosure here.


I'll start off with the first bag I ever bought- the Lizzy!

Sarah Wells Lizzy Bag Review

The Lizzy Tote

Lizzy was the first nice breast pump bag that I ever bought, from the outlet sale back in 2022. (They do two outlet sales a year, amazing prices). My first impression was that I was truly surprised "nice" pump bags existed, after having only experienced the one that came with my pump and then a cheap one from Amazon.

The Lizzy is a very spacious bag, fitting all sizes of pumps including larger pumps like the Spectra S1, S2, and Synergy Gold. This bag features two padded pump pockets you an access from the outside, and then add other items inside of the bag (such as a laptop and other pumping supplies). 

In addition to a large capacity and practical pump bag, the Lizzy makes a great diaper bag or overnight bag. This is available in a handful of prints and colors with matching accessories, usually some in a lower price point than others. Full price these are $109.

These bags are not advertised as machine washable. Lizzy does not have any exterior side pockets to hold things like water bottles or breastmilk chiller bottles. The Lizzy is available in a whole slew of prints and has matching accessories like wet/dry bags (the Pumparoo) and coolers (the Cold Gold)


Next up is the second bag I bought from them - the Kelly Backpack!

Sarah Wells Kelly Backpack Review

The Kelly Backpack is a very simple breast pump bag, with a large interior space, padded laptop pocket, side pocket for a ceres chill or water bottle, and an interior padded pocket to store your breast pump.

I'm a big fan of backpack straps. I often take my kids on walks- and in some places we don't bring the stroller and let them walk with us. I can't go anywhere empty handed, so I often bring a backpack with me. Kelly fits an excellent amount of stuff, especially as a standard diaper bag. I like the lack of frame/solid structure because she can be overstuffed a bit, like with those tiny sweaters you don't know if you might need but you toss them in anyways!

 The Kelly is a well priced backpack that has all the basic features you need in a pump bag and it is soft structured and lightweight to carry.

Two reasons I like this bag are the fact that it is very lightweight and does offer a padded pump pocket but also that it has the exterior pocket for a large bottle like the Ceres Chill. The price point is also lower than some of the other bags offered by the brand so it is a more attainable option. It comes in a nice plain, navy tone, called indigo, and also some printed options if you’re looking for something a little bit more fun. I believe it still comes in black if that has not retired yet. 

One upside to having a soft structured bag is that you can overstuff it a little bit if you need to. As far as all the essential day-to-day pumping on the go supplies, you can fit everything you need into the Kelly backpack and have a little bit of room to spare. You will even find that you can fit a large pump in the padded pocket, a cooler on the other side, and then if you needed a water bottle or milk chiller bottle on the exterior, you can put that as well. It’s a great option for working moms who needs to bring their pump supplies and things like a computer or notebooks and a lunchbox.


The third bag I ever bought from Sarah Wells was the Norah!

Sarah Wells Bags Norah Breast Pump Bag Review

Pictured here in the retired color Mineral, this bag was a long standing favorite of mine. I love the wire frame giving this bag a bit more structure, the backpack straps and carry straps, and the large front pocket in addition to the two padded interior pockets.

However - This bag is lacking an exterior pocket, which is something I absolutely need on a bag. As much as I love the structure and design of the Norah, I need that side pocket! I carry multiple bottles with us, usually water and/or a milk chiller. You can fit a chiller inside of the interior with other items in there but I personally have a fear of spilling liquids on my things so I do like to keep them separate, I'd rather it leak outside of the bag than inside. But I'm just weird.

Fiona does pack a punch with capacity, but with a wire frame you're a bit limited on stuffability and overpacking. It has to come together on the top to close, so you're not able to really overdo it there. If you don't overpack, you're golden! I personally overpack SO much that I often need to carry two bags. One diaper bag and one pump bag.


The Next big pump bag I bought, Fiona! (MY FAVORITE)

Sarah Wells Fiona Breast Pump Backpack Review

The Fiona is my number one favorite bag by Sarah Wells. This one has all the features I want in a bag, where previously I had wished the backpack structure of Kelly had a second exterior pocket and a second interior pocket, the Fiona came out swinging.

This is the first fully machine washable breast pump bag, made of neoprene! When these originally came out they only had one exterior side pocket and the interior pump pockets did not have these littler pockets called "PIPs" ('pocket in pocket system'). That was an upgrade very well received by the pumping community. See those below!

Fiona Breast Pump Bag Pocket in Pocket System

Another great unique feature the Fiona boasts is the secret pocket behind the front pocket, you can just barely see there the zipper peeking out behind. This is great for things like notebooks or flatter items. These came out in all solid colors, where previous bags have come in very exciting prints. One of the first three was a beautiful heather gray, I have that one and like it quite a bit. The color above is 'Earth' and is my new favorite. I do love the double exterior pockets, I have three kids so when we go out I bring a milk chiller and at least one large water bottle.

As I mentioned before this is my favorite bag by Sarah Wells! Check out my list of 7 favorite diaper/pump bags here.


The Allie Sling bag

The Allie is one of my favorite bags, I carried this so much when I was pregnant with my third and attending a ton of prenatal appointments by myself with no kids. I like to carry a water bottle with me, and where a regular sling or small crossbody wouldn't hold one, this does! She actually packs quite a punch.

Designed originally in collaboration with Medela for their Freestyle Hands Free pump, this is meant to hold a portable breast pump, small flanges or wearable cups, and a breastmilk chiller like the Ceres Chill! I find that this bag is perfect as a 'just the essentials' pump bag and a mini diaper bag or mom bag.

The Allie is made of neoprene and is completely machine washable! I have every color of this bag, my favorites are the black and the navy blue which has a fun lining, boob print in collaboration with Bemybreastfriend.

Me, about halfway through my pregnancy, wearing my Black Allie - and my Lavender Allie packed with the bare minimum pumping on the go essentials!

Overall I think the Allie is one of the best bags on the market, and is high on my list of favorites!


The Suzy Tote Bag

The Suzy was one of the last bags I added to my Sarah Wells Collection, mostly because it’s only a tote style and I prefer a backpack option. This can be worn tote or crossbody. This is one of their lowest priced bags at only $99, and very popular for teachers according to Sarah!

I like that this one is taller and narrower, it has a very sleek profile and comes in simple colors like black, gray, and teal. I personally have the gray version because I purchased that at a discounted price during one of their outlet sales, I think I got it for around $60.

This bag fits all standard to large sized breast pumps such as Spectra and Medela, and all the important pump supplies like a cooler, wet bag with parts, and a chiller bottle if you like that instead of a cooler. Inside the bag is a single padded pump pocket, which you can access from the exterior of the bag. This does not have an exterior water bottle/chiller pocket, but you can certainly fit one inside. All of Sarah Wells' larger pump bags (so all but the Allie) have padded laptop pockets, because she designs these with working moms in mind!

With a 15% off code, this bag comes out to around $85, which is great for a full sized pump bag!

Sarah Wells Suzy Breast Pump Bag Review


Accessories worth noting:

sarah wells pumparoo review

The Pumparoo wet/dry bag with staging mat, which was the first of its kind. This is intended for holding wet pump parts and keeping them separate from other items inside of your bag. These feature a front pocket in which you can add things like milk bags or pump wipes or tubing. The detachable staging mat for setting up and taking down pump parts is extremely handy and original, other brands have copied this design.

I find this to be extremely useful and much less wasteful than using ziploc bags (which I am guilty of doing in the past!)

Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler

The Cold Gold is a breastmilk cooler intended to fit 4 bottles and an ice pack (which is included in the purchase), and fit perfectly into the pump bags offered by the brand. You could buy another cheaper option somewhere else but it may not fit into your bags' padded pocket, and would also not be under their lifetime warranty.

These are useful not only for breastmilk storage but also make a great lunchbox for yourself or kids. They come in a variety of prints and colors.


PackSWell Nesting Bags

Sarah Wells Bags PackSWell review

This is a new release I'm quite fond of, a set of 3 different sized neoprene pouches for organizing literally anything. They do match some of their neoprene bags (The Fiona Backpack) so you can use within your bag, but you can also use anywhere else in your house. I have some things organized with these like skincare, desk supplies, and even some pouches inside of my largest pouch.

I hope they make a 2.0 version of these with pockets inside (like the Pocket-in-pocket inside of the Fiona bag pockets), that would be so cute. They have stated these are insulated and with an ice pack can hold milk or breastmilk flanges.

I also hope to see these come out in more colors, I love the Earth but would sooner use a neutral than the hot pink or bright blue options they have.


I will update this post if Sarah Wells happens to release any new styles of bags, typically throughout the year she has a whole handful of releases in both new bag styles and new colors/prints of existing bags. I highly recommend following her on Instagram, where she posts teasers when new bags are coming!

Check out some of my related posts for more info on milk supply and exclusive pumping!

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