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In this running post, I will keep track of different pumps that I've been able to try out, their features, pros and cons, and whether or not I think they're worth it!

If you have any requests for new pump reviews, or would like to send me a pump to try, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Please see my Pump Hacks Quick Reference page for guides on hacking different brand parts with different brand pumps!

This post contains affiliate links- this means that if you make a purchase through one of my links, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to support my blog and family! Read my full disclosure here.


Spectra Synergy Gold

Power: Outlet only, 12v AC

Size: Large - Just under 4 pounds

Cost (new): $325

Insurance covered: Can be partially or fully covered by insurance through medical equipment companies such as Aeroflow

Warranty: 2 years

Noise Level: Low

Suction Power: Up to 270 mmHg each side

Number of motors: Two, both adjustable. Can pump single or double

Motor life: Expected 3 years

Buttons: Touch screen

Night light: 3 levels

Auto shutoff: 30 minutes

Standard hard flange size in the box: 24mm, 28mm

Easy to navigate controls: yes

Massage/letdown (bacon) mode: 5 cycle speeds- 64, 67, 70, 73, 76. Vacuum strength levels 1-5. Intended to generate letdowns.

Expression mode: 5 cycle speeds- 38, 42, 46, 50, 54. Vacuum strength levels 1-15. Cycle speed stays the same on both sides, vacuum can be adjusted on each side.

Synergy Gold remembers your settings for the next session.

Cost of replacement parts (brand name): $32.99 PER SIDE ($65.98 for full set flanges/bottles/duckbill/backflow protector/tubing/tubing caps) CAN BE COVERED BY INSURANCE.

Cost of replacement parts (off brand): $29.99 full set (flanges/duckbills/backflow protector/tubing/ without bottles, tubing caps)

Compatible with other parts: Almost all other closed system parts, collection cups etc

Handle/etc: Handle on the back

Spectra Synergy Gold Instructions
via Spectra


  • Powerful, good "tickly" vibration

  • Quiet

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Dual motor function great for "slacker boob"

  • Off brand or other brand parts can be used with universal tubing

  • Can be covered partially or fully by insurance

  • Easily viewable screen and settings in the dark, but harder in direct sunlight

  • Can be made portable by use of battery bank and a special "pump fanny pack"


  • Can't be used (easily) without outlet, battery packs are available but the pump is heavy and buttons can be easily bumped in a carrying bag

  • Touch screen easily turned on/off by child or slight bumps from objects

  • Not very portable, you can use it in the car if you have a power outlet or buy a cord with a car plug

  • Stock flanges are almost always too large, you have to buy smaller ones (off brand because spectra doesn't sell smaller sizes)

Spectra synergy gold stock parts
via Target - One set (side) stock Spectra parts

Spectra Synergy Gold hacked with Pumpables Liquid kits
Spectra Synergy Gold hacked with Pumpables Liquid kits

Ps- check out that cami and get 10% off with code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD!

My rating:

I definitely recommend it if you don't ever need to get up while pumping- which is rare past the newborn days. I rate this pump 4/5, with one point taken off for the lack of portability. I love that you can use lots of other flange kits with these as well, such as Pumpables Liquid Kits, Lacteck flanges, Legendairy cups and more. Though I personally don't see the need to use discreet cups with a wall pump- it CAN be done. I also really love all the different ways you can have the settings, dual motors is a huge plus especially for those with "slacker boobs".

I do know that they sell battery banks and I believe Idaho Jones sells a sort of pump fanny pack type bag- so it could become portable, but it's kinda heavy for that and the touch screen buttons are unbelievably easy to bump into. Literally one swat from my baby and either the suction is turned up/down or the whole thing is shut off. I've also done it myself with a small bump of the elbow.


Pumpables Genie Advanced

Pumpables Genie Advanced

Power: Battery, 3 hour life, charge in 4.5, USB-C cord (like phone, iPad, MacBook)

Size: Just under half a pound

Cost (new): $180 for full kit, $150 pump only. Discounted 10% with the code SHOP10-TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD (down to $162 full kit or $135 pump only) Insurance covered: not currently covered by any medical equipment companies but you can get a form to request reimbursement. FSA/HSA eligible.

Warranty: 2 years

Noise Level: Medium (under 45 db)

Suction Power: 15 - 330 mmHg

Number of motors: Single motor, dual or single pump

Motor life: 800 hours

Buttons: Standard soft buttons

Night light: Screen constantly on

Auto shutoff: 40 minutes

Standard soft flange size in the box: You can measure and choose your own size

Easy to navigate controls: yes

Massage/letdown (bacon) mode: 70 cpm, constant, vacuum strength levels 1-10

Expression mode: 23 - 70 cpm between vacuum strength levels 1-10, cycle speed levels 1-3

Genie Advanced can be programmed to remember your settings.

Cost of replacement parts: Liquid inserts $12/pair, diaphragms $10/pair, tubing $10/pair, Liquid seal cap $18/pair (not often replaced), you can buy entire "kit" including bottle, stand, and hard shell piece of liquid shield for $30 per side- but the most often replaced parts are only inserts and diaphragms. HSA/FSA funds accepted.

Compatible with other parts: Almost all other closed system parts, collection cups

Handle/etc: Belt clip, lanyard

Pumpables Genie Advanced Button Guide


  • Powerful for the small size, yet not too overpowering

  • Portable enough to take anywhere and everywhere without holding a giant pump on your lap or table

  • Liquid shield kits are extremely comfortable compared to hard flanges

  • You can pump and walk, pump and drive, pump and use the bathroom (but maybe shouldn't), pump and carry baby, the freedom is truly limitless!

  • You can hook up basically any other closed system flange kits, Lacteck flanges and Legendairy Collection Cups are two that I use.


  • Single motor doesn't allow for different suctions on each side

  • Letdown mode is only one speed (cycles per minute)

  • Some women actually don't respond to the silicone flanges - however this pump can be used with tons of other flange setups, it is not exclusive to the liquid kits.

  • The little silicone bit that covers the charging port and one tubing hole (if you choose to single pump) can possibly detach, this has been fixed in newer models though

  • Liquid shields need to be replaced pretty often - monthly for exclusive pumpers doing 4+ sessions per day. This is the same as duckbills from other brands (the duckbill is built in)

Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit
via Pumpables - One Liquid Shield Kit

Pumpables Liquid Insert
via Pumpables - Liquid Insert

Pumpables Genie Advanced stock setup
Pumpables Genie Advanced stock setup

My rating:

I absolutely recommend this pump to everyone who asks me what portable pump to buy. I have heard that portables should not be relied on as a primary, but I've used it as a primary for seven months with exactly the same output as that Spectra Synergy Gold. The portability has made it completely invaluable to me - I could not have continued exclusively pumping without it.

It gets a solid 5/5, there's very little I would change about this pump aside from maybe having another letdown mode setting rather than constant 70 CPM. I've been able to pump in places I have never dreamed of pumping, and for that I am unbelievably grateful - especially for the price point! The Liquid Shields are my absolute favorite flange setup, though I wish they could last just a little longer. However they may not be as comfortable if they were made thicker, so I'm okay with how they are. $12 a month plus the $10 a month for diaphragms is not bad at all.

I also love that the buttons are able to be easily identified even in the dark, I can turn it on, switch from letdown to expression, and get up to my suction level all without having to see the buttons. I am also a huge fan of the ability to "pause" it (one push on the power button)- sometimes you have to stop for a moment to listen for something or set down the pump before you've actually finished the session.

Not only is the pump a home run, but the Pumpables Community and customer service team are impossible to beat. I spend lots of time in the Facebook group and on the Instagram page- I definitely recommend checking those out and joining!


Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow
Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow

Medela Pump in Style With MaxFlow

Power: Outlet or battery pack (with 8AA batteries)

Size: 1.18 pounds

Cost (new): $200 (via Target) Insurance covered: Yes, sometimes upgrade cost required (especially for units with a backpack or other accessories)

Warranty: 1 year limited on motor, 90 days on parts. (I tried exchanging mine because it felt like it wasn't sucking much anymore and they are impossibly frustrating to deal with, they asked to listen to the pump over the phone, but left me on hold for 40 minutes before I hung up.)

Noise Level: Medium-loud

Suction Power: According to specs it gets pretty high but in my case mine felt weak.

Number of motors: Single motor, double or single pump

Motor life: "operating life 6 months"

Buttons: Simple buttons, but lack of screen makes it impossible to tell what levels you're on.

Night light: None, no screen at all.

Auto shutoff: 30 minutes

Standard flange size in the box: 21mm and 24mm "Personal fit flex" which are a very unusual, curved shape that don't fit every breast size.

Easy to navigate controls:

Vacuum Range: -50 to 240 mmHg

Cycle Per Minute Range: 54 to 120 CPM

Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow cannot be programmed to remember your settings.

Cost of replacement parts: Full connector pieces $20/pair, Membrane only $12/pair (this is new since I had the pump, when I owned this you had only the option to buy entire new connector pieces not just membranes), tubing $15.

Compatible with other parts: With modifications, yes. Stock Medela tubing does not fit into other flange kits.

Handle/etc: None

Ridiculously short stock Medela flanges compared to off brand (Maymom)
Ridiculously short stock Medela flanges compared to off brand (Maymom)

Connector and Membrane diagram
Connector and Membrane diagram

Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow
Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow Instructions

Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow stock setup
Medela Pump in Style with MaxFlow stock setup


  • Small size, portable with battery pack

  • Covered by insurance


  • No screen, you can't see what setting you're on or change in the dark easily.

  • Suction isn't great (mine petered out in a matter of days, warranty claim nearly impossible)

  • Not many compatible hacks without altering tubing

  • Stock flanges are not the best

  • Battery pack does not last long

  • Expensive out of pocket for a truly not great pump

  • The tubing is extremely stiff and you can't even stand the bottles up without the tubing pulling them over

  • Relatively noisy compared to other pumps

  • You don't even know what cycle or vacuum level you're on without a screen

My review:

I did not like this pump, I used it for about two weeks before the suction suddenly decreased by a LOT. My husband had to run to Target and buy a new pump because it was 9pm, I exclusively pump, and this stupid thing would not work properly. At that time, you could also only buy replacement connectors NOT just membranes, so it was expensive to replace those. Which I felt like I had to too far too often.

I do not recommend this pump to anyone, it was a waste of my insurance covered pump. I really wish I had listened to my cousin who recommended a Spectra.

A note on my attempt to claim the warranty: there was no online option, you had to call on the phone. They asked to "listen to the pump" (I called because the suction was HORRIBLE, I don't know how they could hear that anyways) and I was left on hold for 40 minutes. I had to give up and tend to my baby and pump again anyways. I think they made me wait that long on purpose, honestly!


Legendairy Milk Duette

Legendairy Milk Duette Review
Legendairy Milk Duette

Power: USB-C to charge, battery power (portable)

Size: 1.1 pounds, “comparable to a pack of baby wipes”

Cost (new): $249 (can use the code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD for 15% off)

Insurance covered: Not offered by any medical supply companies, you could probably request reimbursement.

Warranty: 1 year

Noise Level: Low - <60dB(A)

Suction Power: 22.5 - 270 mmHg

Number of motors: two motors, both adjustable. dual or single pump.

Motor life: Can't find that information.

Buttons: Pressure touch screen. Power “on” sometimes hard to do on the first try.

Pause button: yes

Night light: No. Buttons also do not illuminate. Only numbers/cycle and time count.

Auto shutoff: 30 minutes

Standard flange size in the box: Choice between 21mm, 25mm, or 29mm fluidfit (silicone) flange cushions

Easy to navigate controls: Yes

Stimulation Phase: Vacuum levels 1-9 (22.5 mmHg - 135 mmHg), cycle speed levels 1-3 (80-100/min)

Expression Phase: Vacuum levels 1-9 (97.5 mmHg - 270 mmHg), cycle speed 1-3 (20-60/min)

4 Unique pumping styles-

Stimulation Phase: 9 levels of suction control, 3 levels of speed control

Expression Phase: 9 levels of suction control, 3 levels of speed control

Rapid Phase: Alternating 5 cycles of Simulation Phase and 5 cycles of Expression Phase

Auto Loop: Alternating 3 minutes of Stimulation Phase and 7 minutes of Expression Phase

Duette can be programmed to remember your settings/program for the next session.

Cost of replacement parts (brand name): Diapragms $6/pair, Silicone cushions (flange) $11/pair, tubing & connectors $10/pair, fluidfit kits (hard plastic shields/lids/bottles/diaphragm caps and stands) $50/pair

Cost of replacement parts (off brand): Pumpables parts will work with the fluidfit kits, currently no other readily available knockoffs that I've seen.

Compatible with other parts: Can be used with any other parts running the same tubing, caps may need to be removed.

Handle/etc: Small leather loop

Color(s): Rose Gold and Teal


  • Small size, portable

  • Very quiet

  • Multiple combinations of letdown/expression modes and strengths

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Dual motors allows for different suction levels on each side

  • Charges with USB-C (but I can't get mine to charge with any cord except the one it came with, for some reason.)


  • Expensive, not currently covered by insurance

  • Tubing in an awkward place if you wanted to put it in a bag to carry while pumping, buttons can also be bumped because they're a pressure touch screen

  • Buttons don't light up, so you have to use your phone light to see them to change settings when pumping in the dark

  • No lanyard or clip, only a small loop to hold it on. You have to add your own if you wanted one, but it's a bit heavy/large to put around your neck.

  • Buttons are iffy, sometimes sensitive and sometimes difficult to press.

  • Battery doesn't seem to last forever, a few sessions at most.

My Review:

I really like this pump. There's quite a few setting combinations, so it's easy to find something that works. I wish the buttons were different- it seems some are sensitive to touch and some aren't. So you'll get a button smacked once and it's cranked or turned off the suction, or you'll be sitting there fighting to change something.


Stay tuned for more reviews as I'm able to get more pumps on hand!


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