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Bump Boxes Pregnancy Subscription: Worth The Money?

In this post I'll be showing you the different boxes I receive monthly during my pregnancy. I ordered my first box in January, at which point I was about 11 weeks already. I paid for these boxes with my own money, they were not given to me in exchange for my review or putting together this blog post. This is solely to help other expecting mamas decide if they'd like to purchase the boxes for themselves or a friend.

UPDATE: I have cancelled my subscription before it ended. I bought a six month subscription and cancelled before the sixth arrived, which cost me $25 in cancellation fees. I read the company's trust pilot reviews and was shocked that I didn't see them before, apparently they will continue to charge you even after you've paid to cancel. So I called my bank and blocked any future charges from them just to be sure! Overall, I do NOT recommend purchasing these. I will leave the article standing with the contents of the boxes for you to view at your discretion and make you aware of the pricing/"value" of the items. I feel that the value of the items was exaggerated and decreased as the boxes progressed. Truly I'm a bit disappointed and sad that I wasted the money! I could have bought things I actually needed instead of these things I put into a box in my storage room and haven't touched yet. I did donate a lot of this to my local savers, hopefully someone can get use out of those things!


I purchased my first box for a total price of $32.16. This was discounted with an offer on the website (one of those sign up offers, of course) and included a free extra gift.

The contents of the first box (January) were the following:

They've added the values of the items to show you the cost of the box. I did some looking and found this to be accurate, at least for the most part. I was pleased with the items. I'll write out the names and prices as they appear to be small in the picture I took. -Bumplife "fly as a mother" water bottle: $13.99

-Pearhead letter board set: $14.99

-Prince of Peace ginger chews: $3.99

-Premium Brand face roller: $23.99 (these can be found cheaper on Amazon, but this brand may cost this much.)

-Sparkling Mama fizzelixr: $5.99 The Extra 'free gift' I received, the Love Notes Journal, is available for purchase on the website for $10.20 (discounted from $12 because I purchased a subscription already). The total value of the box, not counting that journal, is marked at $62.95. I found this to be a decent haul for $32.

A note, this box arrived completely unsealed and was laying open on my deck as the Fedex driver had just hocked it across the yard. I wasn't happy about that, and contacted the company to let them know about the lack of tape there. They immediately processed an order for a replacement box, and discounted my next box 20%. Their response was extremely fast and I was impressed with it. Here is the replacement I received: one of their "Bitsy Boxes". My kids were very happy with it!

I'm not sure the cost of these items, as there wasn't a sheet inside like the other. I received a replacement for the Love Notes Journal, and then these items for my kids.

-My Friend Happy board book

-Vehicle coloring books

-Animal counting cards

-Wooden Dragonfly puzzle

This was a sweet surprise, I had expected an identical box as replacement.


My second box has arrived, the month of February. I'm currently 13 weeks along (they send these at the beginning of the month rather than at the date you ordered, I believe. My first order was January 21st, and the February box was processed on February 2nd.

For this box, I was charged $37.10. This is more than the previous box (again there was a sign up discount on the first box) but I believe less than the normal price due to the previously mentioned 20% discount because of the unsealed box. The contents are the following:

-Pearhead 'love at first sight' sonogram frame: $12.99

-Bitsy Premium Bib: $11.99

-Spidertech Tummy Tape: $7.00

-ToGoSpa Coconut eyes: $15.00

-CariBBrew Coconut Rum Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub: $22.00

This box is valued at $68.98, and for $37.10 I am pleased with it. These are items I wouldn't have bought separately and I'm excited to try. I really enjoy sample boxes of this nature for that very purpose!


It's now the month of March, and I've received my third box.

The contents are the following:

- Bitsy infant socks: $8 (This one I found a bit wild, I would never pay $8 for a single pair of baby socks. I think this is exaggerated.)

- Ever Eden Soothing Belly Mask: $12 (That's personally not a price I would pay for something like this)

- Cloth in a Box Face it Cloth: $19.99

- Glow Organics Energize Lotion: $14.99

- FaceOff Cloth Towel Twist: $24.99

Total "worth" of the box is listed at $79.97, but looking at this box that truly does not look like $80 worth of products.

This month's box was a bit debatable on costs. I was charged $46.38 for this, which is certainly better than $80... But I'm still on the fence. I'll test out the products and see how worth the cost they are. However, I'm upset about an $8 pair of socks, full transparency.


Here's the April box:

The contents are the following:

- Bumplife "tired as a mother" mug: $16.99 (I think that price is a bit high, but that's just me)

- Glow Foot Soak: $16.99

- Daily Concepts after spa body scrubber: $10 (this also feels like it's been a tad overpriced)

- Bumplife wooden massager: $15 (again, a bit overpriced and I wouldn't pay that for one of these)

- Bella B mom body wash: $11.99

Total "worth" of the box is listed at $70.97, but looking at this box that truly does not look like that much. Each month that goes by I'm a little bit more leaning toward cancelling my subscription, but I'd like to finish the cycle out to report back to you guys so you know what to expect if you're looking at these.


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