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The Best Hands Free Bras for Exclusive Pumping

As a long time exclusive pumper, I found that investing in a quality bra really made a big difference. Purchasing a bra that is good quality and comfortable can really make or break your pumping journey! imagine having to struggle with an uncomfortable poor quality bra for 5+ times a day every single day. It's just another thing to dread about pumping, and may even cause you to push off sessions or skip them. My top tip is to make pumping as enjoyable as possible so you don't have a reason to dread it!

Please note I do not really ever take photos of myself while pumping or wearing pumping bras, so I will be using brand photos from the company.


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There is nothing worse than trying to get set up with all of your pumping gear and your flanges will not stay on because your bra will not support them. I have tried quite the handful of pumping bras in my over 2 1/2 years of pumping, and I can say with confidence that Davin and Adley has the very best pumping bras on the market. I have used the most over the years has been the Amelia Cami, which for me is a perfect shirt all by itself. It supports my flanges, and works wonderfully for wearable breast pumps and milk collection cups.

The design is very cool, honestly. It's a crop cami, so it comes down a little lower than a standard bra. The cleavage coverage is great as well, so there's no spillage when you lay on your side to sleep.

To nurse with this bra, you'd pull the one handed sliders down and then pull down the neckline (I nurse my third baby, but exclusively pumped for my second and still pump for her after having the third baby). You can also nurse through the flange hole if you need more coverage in a public setting. Pulling the Cami up over the breast can be a little more tricky but is also an option! For pumping, you lift the panel and insert your flanges into the vertical slits. The next step is the most important to secure them in place- PULL THAT PANEL BACK DOWN. It should look like this after! If you leave that panel up, your flanges are not gonna be as secure as they should be.

The Best Pumping Bra for Exclusive Pumping
Photo via Davin and Adley

I have found these bras to be extremely handy for my combo feeding/tandem feeding journey. For a little background- I exclusively pumped for my second baby for 14 months before becoming pregnant with my third baby, and took a brief hiatus from pumping. As soon as he was born, I resumed pumping for the second baby while nursing the third baby. So I definitely needed a combo feeding bra, and this one is absolutely perfect. You can literally swap between the two so effortlessly, I love that there's no nursing clips to deal with. One handed sliders and pulling down the neckline, and then pulling it back up one handed as well.

Another thing to note is that my Amelia Camis fit me for my ENTIRE pregnancy. I have worn the same size my entire journey. I am now losing a bit of weight (getting below my pre pregnancy weight from baby number two) and they're slowly loosening up on me but they still get the job done.

I have owned these bras for a very long time- my first purchase was in May of 2022 and I have not had to retire a single one. They do not get damaged or fall apart, you truly get what you pay for. Each bra comes with a mesh wash bag, so if you take care of them as directed they last an extremely long time.

They have a gorgeous lace detail on the back that adds a little flair of fancy- but if you don't like lace, there are some other options. The '3 in 1 Amelia Cami for lounge, active, and swim' is available in 4 solid colors -ribbed material- and 3 printed patterns -non ribbed material- for those who want something without lace (I believe some moms can have a sensitivity or allergy?) I will say that this lace is very soft and is hardly noticeable.

The Best Pumping Bra for Exclusive Pumping
Photo via Davin and Adley

Overall in my long time experience of pumping (and now nursing), I can say with confidence that the Amelia Cami is the best bra for both exclusive pumping and combo feeding. Even just nursing, this bra is perfect! I wear them all day every day as a shirt by itself. I will even continue to wear these long after my pumping and nursing days are over, they're just that comfortable!

Two other versions of this bra that should be noted are the swim/active versions and the new Bralette version. I'll put pictures of both of those below as well!

This is the Ribbed version, available in four colors and is compatible with nursing, wearable pumps, flanges, everything. These fit a little more snug than the regular version due to being made of a more athletic/swim style fabric and they are just fabulous. They have a 'baby racerback' which is great for support as well.

The best bras for exclusive pumping
Photo via Davin and Adley

There's a printed version as well in that same athletic/swim style fabric, here's one of the three available prints. The same style and design as the regular cami, no baby racerback, and compatible with all forms of pumping/breastfeeding equipment!

the best hands free bras for exclusive pumping
Photo via Davin and Adley

They also just released the same bra in a shorter bralette length, this one is the Amelia Bralette and has almost all the same function as the Cami but a little shorter, a comfort plush band with adjustment hooks, wider straps, and a brushed athletic material. This one does NOT have a pull-down flap for the flanges though.

the best hands free bras for exclusive pumping
Photo Via Davin and Adley

If you need help with figuring out your size, you can reach out directly to the owner (Amanda) at - she is absolutely wonderful with sizing and helping out!


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