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Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Reviews

Here's my reviews on all the bags I own from Itzy Ritzy, one of the leading diaper bag brands in the baby space! These are not in any particular order, just as I have purchased them! I removed two bags from my review, the boss backpack and double take crossbody, as they're discontinued. The Boss plus is the better version of the boss, with more pockets. I did not personally like the double take crossbody.

  1. Mini Diaper Bag $89

  2. Boss Plus Backpack $189 - one of my faves

  3. Dream Convertible Diaper Bag $169

  4. Dream Weekender $199

  5. Mini Plus Diaper Bag $99

  6. Ritzy Pack $79 - one of my faves

Accessories worth noting:

  1. Packing Cubes $34.99 - one of my faves

  2. Bottle Bag $34.99


This post contains affiliate links. This means that with any purchases made through my links, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to support my business and family! Read my full disclosure here.


These bags can be purchased directly from Itzy Ritzy (using one of the discount codes below) or on websites like Amazon, Target, QVC and more. There are actually a ton of retailers that carry IR, it's worth a google to compare prices. You should be able to use a baby registry completion coupon on any of these on websites that have those, like Amazon and Target.

I believe the code TEACH15 is still valid on their website. If not, try RITZY15 or ITZY10 which I think may be only valid on first orders?

Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Reviews

Pictured here is my personal collection, I also have the boss backpack in Vanilla Latte, Double Take Crossbody in Taupe, and the Boss Plus in Meadow. But I may not hold on to those ones.

I also have the bottle bag and packing cubes in a number of different colors. The new checkerboard color is my absolute favorite, and actually convinced me to replace my Meadow boss plus with the Chai just for the more neutral tone.

Mini Diaper Bag - $89

Watch a very old reel I have on this bag here!

Please note the first photo is Coffee and Cream and the second photo is Cognac. Not the same bag color

Buy this bag: Amazon, direct from IR

This is a pretty small bag, measuring in at about 11.5" L x 7.5" W x 13.75" H. It's lightweight, but has narrow straps. If you pack it with a good bit of stuff, the straps may bother you. That's one thing I wish they would have done differently, but I imagine wide straps would look funky on a bag so small.

I personally found this to not fit my needs very well, I got this one back when I had only two kids and now I have three, so it surely won't be coming out anytime soon. I also do not think the front pocket is very useful as it's so tiny and hard to get things in and out of. The side pockets are also not very large and don't fit very big water bottles.

In my honest opinion, this bag is not worth the full price ($89) and if you want a mini bag, I would take it up a notch and grab the mini plus. The side pockets are larger and so is the front pocket. The entirety of the bag itself is around the same size though, the plus is just reflecting the front pocket and side pockets mostly.

This bag does include the signature rubber Itzy Ritzy feet on the bottom so it doesn't get dirty when you set it down, and the side pockets are insulated for baby bottles. It does have 3 interior pockets for organization, but a lot of moms use the IR packing cubes in here (with not much room to spare because again, mini bag!) I made a reel on this one way back in the day, you can watch that on Instagram here.

Boss Plus Backpack - $189

Watch a reel on the meadow color packed as a pump bag here! and an olddd video of the Boss here.

Buy this bag: Amazon, direct from IR

This is one I will argue as worth the price, though I really wish they had better thought out their interior pockets. When all of the interior pockets are full, you will then stack items on top of that to fill the rest of the inside of the bag. And then when you need something that's on the bottom of the bag.. Well, you have to unzip the entire front of the bag and hope you can reach it or you'll be un-stacking and re-stacking just for a diaper. I think these bags have a total of 19 pockets which is really neat, and their matching packing cubes stack inside nicely. However, the interior side pockets aren't as useable when the interior is full of all three sizes of packing cubes.

The side pockets of the Boss Plus do fit large water bottles like Stanley tumblers, and breastmilk chillers like Ceres Chill will fit great. Those pockets are insulated.

These bags come with stroller straps and a matching tassel, I have seen people need to replace a single stroller strap and can't find them because they aren't sold separately. That's something I wish the brand would do but it probably is an added production cost they don't really need to add for something so rarely needed. You can also always get some regular straps from Amazon if you lose yours, but they won't match your bag unfortunately.

This (like all of their bags) has a rubber foot on the bottom to prevent damage from the ground or puddles. That's another great feature I really appreciate in a bag, more than metal feet. You don't see it much when you're using the bag so it's not like it's cosmetically unsightly.

Overall if you're in this price neighborhood for a diaper bag, the boss plus is pretty nice. I will say the color makes a big difference- when I had the Meadow in use, I didn't want to take it out as much if it didn't match my outfit and stuck out like a sore thumb. A brown -like the chai- is much more subtle.

The Dream Convertible Diaper Bag - $169

See this packed as a diaper bag here!

Buy this bag: Amazon, direct from IR

This one I'll say right off the bat I have hardly used. While I love the puffer material, I find that this gets full quickly and hard to dig inside of.

I bought mine on Facebook for far less than retail, I believe under $100, brand new. I do not personally think this one is worth the $170 that they cost brand new.

The "convertible" feature is simply being able to tuck the backpack straps into the sleeve pocket on the back and carry as a tote. While that's a really neat feature, it doesn't mean much for me personally.

I much prefer the dream material in other items, there are some dream packing cubes, bottle bag, a dream weekender and a dream fanny pack that I do like a lot more.

HOWEVER, this is a material that if ripped, your bag is ruined unless you put a patch on it. I find myself scared to use this for that reason. All it takes is a nail or a key to scratch it. It also burns easily if it's anything like winter jackets.


Dream Weekender - $199

Buy this bag: Amazon, Direct from IR

This is a very large bag, too big to be a daily diaper bag or carry on for travel, this is truly a weekender bag. I have used this for day trips to the cabin with my kids and it worked great, I will say I did need multiple bags though so this is not a "fits everything" wonderbag. This is also popular as a hospital bag! I did not use mine for that because truth be told I was scared to let it get manhandled. I was going to have the baby alone and would need the nurses to help me move from one room to the next, so I brought one of my cheaper bags.

Despite being their largest bag, it's not quite as large as it appears in pictures. It does measure at the following dimensions; 20"L x 8.3"W x 18"H but when fully packed with clothes and diapers for two children, there's not a ton of room for more things. When I packed this I brought I think 3 outfits per child, plus sweatshirts, the bottom full of diapers. I had to take another bag for swim/beach stuff and of course another bag for the parents. It's not a massive whopping bag for the whole family, but for a quick weekend trip for not a ton of stuff would work well. I imagine if I had two of these I could have fit everything in both for the 4 of us for our day trip. One thing that I like about the dream weekender is that the bottom opens up and is able to be opened and accessed while the top of the bag is untouched. This is a nice feature for if you want to keep shoes or something on the bottom that you don’t want mixed in with your clothing, or get at something without undoing the whole bag. I don't know how easy these clean though so I personally won't be putting dirty shoes in here.

You can also keep things down here that you might need to access easier than digging to the bottom of your bag, such as diapers on a road trip or other things that you can get to by unzipping the bag, but not digging through the entire thing to reach what's packed on the bottom.

I will say that this bag I think is also a little bit priced higher than it should be. But I think maybe that this material is a little bit more expensive, and if it holds up better than I think it does, it is very likely worth that price. I personally have not had any of my items get damaged from something sharp, but I can imagine that it is possible just like it is with a winter jacket made of the same material. In my lifetime, I have lost quite a few winter jackets to being stabbed or torn, and this kind of material, you cannot sew it- you have to get a patch to put over the damaged spot.

As far as other large weekenders out there I can't say I have another good recommendation. I did buy a $20 Amazon weekender back in the day to compare to this one as a 'budget option' but it was actually a piece of garbage with horrible stitching, so perhaps you DO get what you pay for in terms of weekender bags these days.

If you need one of these and can get one on sale, get it on sale! But in my opinion, full price is pretty steep.

Mini Plus Diaper Bag - $99

Buy this bag: Amazon, Direct from IR

This is a bag I definitely think is a little steep, $100 for a mini bag is quite a lot in my opinion. While they are well made compared to some very cheap options out there, it's also really a lot of money for a tiny bag. It's within the realm of reasonable compared to other popular brands though.

I was disappointed to find out that the Ceres Chill did not actually fit in the side pockets of this bag as a brand ambassador had told me they did- so this didn't work for my needs at the time I purchased it. I used points I had saved up for over a year to get this for I believe $35 off, so I paid far less than retail for it.

I got the Milk and Honey color which is gorgeous but some people expressed concerns about staining or scuffing, and the first batch of these bags supposedly had peeling issues. Mine is from the second batch (I can't confirm this for sure but I did buy after they were out of stock then back in stock) so I think it's fine.

I do love the large front pocket on these bags compared to the regular mini which has a very small -and frankly impossible to use- front pocket. The side pockets are also larger on this version and fit bigger water bottles and cups for kids. The overall size of the bag is the same as the mini but they just widened the bottle pockets and made the front pocket to be a mini version of the boss plus pocket.

If you're a heavier packer, a mini bag may not be for you. I can actually very rarely use a mini bag, I have three kids under 5. I will also say that these bags have rather narrow straps, while the larger boss plus has wider padded straps. I assume they designed these to be more proportionate to the bag, but they aren't the most comfortable if you're carrying it a while or it has a good bit of stuff in it.

They've been releasing this in new colors left and right lately, I do like the look of the chai color more than the milk and honey, but I don't use a mini nearly enough to justify having a second one. I may sell my regular mini in the near future because of that tiny front pocket! The way it's shaped is really hard to get in and out of.

This is another one I would certainly advise buying with a discount code or on sale, because again I think $100 for a mini backpack is a lot for most people.

Ritzy Pack - $79

Itzy Ritzy Park Pack Review

Buy this bag: Amazon, direct from IR

The park pack, which I believe that they renamed to be the ritzy pack (unless me thinking it was called the park pack was a fever dream) is a very cute little bag that has a really decent size capacity for being a fanny pack. You can fit full-size regular water bottles in here, along with diapers and a change of clothes and little snacks, or whatever else you might need for a quick trip to the park.

It has an included changing pad that sits in its own special pocket! You can of course remove the changing pad and put anything else that you may need into that pocket when you get past your diaper days. The two color options that this comes in are both very neutral and do not scream diaper bag- Pictured here is the color I got, the coffee and cream, they also have a black with black hardware.

Truth be told I did not order this right away when it released because of the price tag on it. I waited for a sale, and then changed my mind again and THEN ended up buying it on Amazon full price two days before another sale happened.. whoops.

I will say once you get the bag in hand, it is understandable why it cost so much because the material is actually really nice, the hardware is very sturdy feeling and the bag in general has a very premium feel to it. I have owned a good number of fanny packs, some of which were very cheap and cheaply made.

This is another one where the puffer material has the potential to be damaged and tricky to repair, especially if you have the coffee and cream color like I do and you get some kind of damage on one of the colors that’s gonna be harder to match a patch for. I recently had to sew one of my husbands ice fishing jackets in a similar material, and that was tricky. I was glad it was black and the thread blended in a little bit, but it's still noticeable.

There are not very many bags out there that are completely indestructible, but I do prefer one that has a little bit more durability to it. Something like this may get scratched on keys or a tree branch- I surely won't test the durability for myself because it cost so much money.

I do like a good sling/belt bag to keep items on hand at the park, because sometimes you don’t want to carry your whole diaper bag from the car just to go stand at the park with your kids. Using a sling bag like this you can keep essentials on hand Like drinks and snacks and a quick dose of sunscreen if you needed more, without dragging all of the kids back to the car kicking and screaming.

Little bags like this are also handy for when your diaper bag days are over and you still need a small bag. It has been a long time since I have used a purse for myself that did not hold any items for my children. I've been a mom for almost 5 years now, basically every time I've carried a bag in the last half decade it's been something with diapers in it.

I personally have quite a few smaller bags that I will gladly use for myself once my kids are out of diapers. Before I had kids, I loved to use a backpack for myself. Mostly because I always carried around a lot of stuff, including large water bottles and other supplies that I might need that would not fit in a regular small woman’s purse. I have always been an overpreparer and a bit of an adventurer, ready to go on a road trip at a moment's notice.

I think long after my diaper bag days are done I will use sling bags and mini backpacks just fine, and this will certainly be one of them. It's a very comfortable carry with that puffer material, and the strap is nice as well. I like to wear this as a front sling moreso than a waist/belt bag.

Accessories to note:

Itzy Ritzy has some of the BEST packing cubes I have come across. They offer a variety of color schemes in sets of 3 that perfectly fit changes of clothes, diapers, and small essentials. I often use these completely packed and just swap between bags, and adding extras in the built in pockets of my bags.

My current favorite released print is the new taupe checkerboard, I may actually grab a second set when they restock just because they're so cute.

Itzy Ritzy Packing Cubes Review

They also have great bottle bags that fit taller bottles. Some other coolers out there are rather short and it's often a struggle to find one that fits tall bottles and matches your diaper bag. These are great for holding bottles separate from the diaper bag, because most of them have built in insulated pockets already and this would take up a ton of room inside the bags.

I would go nuts to see this come in the checkerboard print or even the chai, I'm not the world's biggest fan anymore of the colors I have on hand (meadow, vanilla latte, and milk and honey)

itzy ritzy bottle bag review

It would be nice if they came with their own special shaped cooler pack for the freezer, but you can find thin ones on Amazon like these.

They also offer the bottle bags in their dream material, that puffy winter jacket stuff like the convertible, weekender, and ritzy pack.

My overall thoughts on the brand?

Itzy Ritzy is one of the leading diaper bag brands in the parenting space. They dominate ad space and are extremely well known. They have generated quite the following and have a HUGE group of insiders/ambassadors. They are a very big brand so there's not as much of a personal touch as there is from some smaller businesses out there, but that happens when a brand grows really large. That's not a huge deal though.

I do like their designs, they were some of the first fancy diaper bags on the market. I think they've made some great products in great colors that speak to a lot of people. Some items I believe you're paying just for their brand name, not so much the item itself.

I do recommend if you want to try them, to give them a shot! They resell very well in places like poshmark, mercari, and facebook groups. We all have different bag preferences and it's always worth a shot to try something before deciding whether or not you'll stick with it.


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