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Here I will collect some common resources that I think are very important and should be referenced! This will be updated/added to frequently. Looking for the free printable nipple ruler? Download and print from here! Please be sure to print to full scale, and test with a quarter to be sure it's accurate. If you need this mailed to you, visit this page.

Nipple Ruler
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  1. Maximizing Milk Production through Hands On Pumping (source: Stanford, Dr. Jane Morton)

  2. Importance of Milk Removal in the First Hour after birth (source: Stanford, Dr. Jane Morton)

  3. Proper breastmilk storage guidelines according to the CDC (source: CDC)

Instagram profiles I recommend:

  1. @yourvirtualvillage - Ginevra is a relatable mom account, peppered with information ranging from breastfeeding and pumping to honest product reviews and memes we can all understand!

  2. @bemybreastfriend - Kristen is a CLC and knows a TON of stuff about pumping! I do not believe she currently offers consults.

  3. @onewiththepump - Tamari is a CLC who also knows a ton of stuff about pumping, and a ton of products for home and kids that you didn't know you needed. She does pumping consults.

  4. @pump_momma_pump - Melissa is a CLC who exclusively pumped with both of her children, and really knows her stuff. I believe she does consults as well!

  5. @lactationchat - Courtney is an SLP and IBCLC (infant feeding specialist) who posts excellent lactation content, including some very funny reels that are super relatable. She offers consults!

  6. @yourtwojugs - Mastitis treatment professionals from Australia with excellent information on mastitis.

  7. @juneandlily - Taylor is an RN, BSN, CLC (Pediatric RN!) who posts some of the greatest content I've seen on instagram. She has an excellent website as well.

  8. @blissfulmami_ Giselle is a CBS who posts very excellent breastfeeding content, and runs a small shop with handmade mama apparel and stickers. I believe soon she will be offering consults.

  9. @lactationhub - Run by an IBCLC, also a shop with excellent products and tools for breastfeeding and pumping parents. Including probiotics for those who have recurring clogs and mastitis- that could help!

  10. - Hunter is an LC from Tennessee that also sells breastfeeding essentials

  11. @pumpedupmama - Jacquie is another very well educated CLC (she's also an RN, BSN and MSN) who has been around the block with exclusive pumping. She does pumping consults.

  12. @janellelynnfoster - Janelle is an RN, BSN, CBC (she's an L&D nurse!) who posts a lot of excellent information from pregnancy, to childbirth, to pumping and more.

Do you need help getting a pump for low cost? Try these places-

  1. On the 15th of every month, @pump_momma_pump posts a pump donation thread on instagram. Try leaving a comment with where you're located, or reply to a comment someone has posted with the pump they're offering. You can pay for shipping but this is a DONATION thread not a sales thread, so you should be able to get it for free.

  2. Facebook groups: I'm in a number of buy/sell/trade Facebook groups (in the United States) where moms are able to buy, sell, or trade used breast pumps and supplies. You may be able to find one for a very good price here. - Exclusively Pumping/Breastfeeding and Baby Items Yard Sale Buy/Sell/Trade - Exclusively Pumping Yard Sale - Mama Milk Buy/sell/trade breast pumps and other breastfeeding items

  3. Your insurance (if you haven't already tried) is supposed to cover a breast pump. You can try reaching out to them directly, or going with your information in hand to various DME providers such as Aeroflow , 1naturalway , thebreastfeedingshop , lactation network , and many more. I have used Aeroflow with my first two pregnancies, and with my third I used the breastfeeding shop (I'm on medicaid and Aeroflow was not in network, but the breastfeeding shop was.) Also, some select insurance plans will send you replacement parts and/or milk bags monthly. ALWAYS ask, you never know if you're missing out!

  4. If you are in a low income family and on WIC, you can contact them and see if they can give you a breast pump (or help you rent one like the Medela Symphony). I do highly recommend looking into WIC (women, infants, and children) if you're in a lower income family, they can help you with a monthly food package and breastfeeding resources. SNAP is always a good resource as well (formerly known as food stamps.)

Are you looking for breastfeeding/pumping support groups?

Here are a few good ones on various sites.

  1. Reddit - r/exclusivelypumping , r/exclusivepumping , r/lowmilksupply , r/breastfeeding , r/humanspumpingmilk

  2. Facebook - Breastfeeding/Pumping Support By TeachingMotherhood

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