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Ginevra P                                                                  September 20th 2022


Anna has been an invaluable resource for me during my pumping/breastfeeding journey! She is incredibly patient, kind, knowledgeable, and supportive - without her I honestly don’t know if I would’ve made it this far. I’m almost at my original 6-month goal and now I not only don’t dread pumping anymore, but I’m also confident and empowered with what I’ve learned, and somehow hitting the 1-year+ mark suddenly seems achievable! Thank you so much ❤️ If you’re hesitating at all I *highly* recommend reaching out to her!

Stefani L                                                                 September 20th 2022


I'm a new mom so all this is so new to me. I was heavily struggling with keeping my milk supply up enough to feed my newborn. I had to supplement multiple times with formula because I was just not making enough. I was constanly breaking down and depresses. I felt like i couldn't properly feed my baby and felt like I was failing her. At a time I was at my lowest you helped me. You went out of your way to figure out what the problem was and where I could improve. I have now been able to keep up with my baby and then some. I even have a freezer stash which I've never been able to keep because we had to keep unfreezing them constantly. I cannot be more grateful for you helping me and my baby. I'd never be here without you. Thank you for the amazing work you do 💕

Emily                                                   September 21st 2022


I am so thankful for Anna! I met her at the beginning of my pumping journey and there is absolutely no way I would be where I am today (2 months in) without her! She helped me with proper fitting flanges, hands free bras and literally every single question under the sun regarding babies, pumping and breastfeeding! I highly recommend her! Thank you Anna!!

Aliisoon Jovovich                                       September 21st 2022

I'm not a first time mom. This is my second time around. I found Anna through Reddit, and she caught my attention because she was giving very good advice to moms that exclusively pump. I found her Instagram page, and this webpage as well. I wish I would have found before I had my first baby. I wasn't able to breastfeed or pump my first. I was so lost. I wanted to exclusively breastfeed so bad that I didn't realize that I could have Exclusively pump and my baby still would have gotten the benefits of breast milk. When I found out I was pregnant for second time I researched in my own a lot of stuff to prepare. If I would have found her page, I would have saved so much time. She has a lot of good info about pumping and also she answers questions really quickly and without asking anything in exchange like other people trying to sell you a course or book instead of answering your question directly. In other words I would highly recommend her to my young self if I had the chance.

MacKenzie T                                                                November 9th 2022


I am currently 2.5 weeks postpartum. I spent 2 weeks crying at the fact that my baby couldn't latch. I received so much pressure from others to formula feed, and there is nothing wrong with formula but it just didn't feel right for me. I started pumping in the hospital, but was given so much conflicting information. Add to that the hormones and the sleep deprivation and I was a crying mess. I came across anna through reddit, and she has turned me from a crying mess to a more confident, pumping mama. She answered all my questions, was there to support Me, and just generally made me feel less alone. This woman is a godsend and I am so thankful to have found her!!

Bianca Gonzalez                                                             December 13th 2022

I started following her because she came up on my explore page and at this point i was desperate to get answers. I messaged her and she was so sweet & got back to me so quick! A lot of these lactose pages they don’t reply she took the time to even search what i needed and send me links! Tell me who else does that for you!? So greatful i reached out to her, having such a better pumping experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out to her!!!

Maria Vasquez                                                         December 22nd 2022


I can’t thank Anna enough she’s an amazing person , she’s a wonderful helper and it just amazing how I’m so far from her and she was still available to help me . I gave birth to my second baby on September 7,2022 and when he was at the hospital he started throwing out the formula and even bled through his mouth once with formula I got scared and decided that I was going try give him breast milk but I didn’t know how to start because I never did this exclusively breastfed not too long ago I follow Breasties4life and she recommended me to follow teaching mother hood and once I did that I dm Anna and we started talking about my supply and how I felt about it I change flange , made my ameda pump my main pump again and I can honestly say I’ve increase by atleast 1oz more , thank you for being amazing and changing mommy’s life with the Amazon job you have !! Don’t be afraid to ask question is important to know this information when you a breastfeeding momma !.

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