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Have you been feeling nesty and looking all over for freebies online? Mama, I feel you! I was there during both of my pregnancies. Let's see if I can help you out in your search! I've looked through tons of pins, blogs, instagram posts, and I think I've found almost all of the real ones. There's a lot of freebies out there like ebooks and other non-tangible items, but I haven't gotten into those just yet!

I will write only about offers that I know to be true, I've seen some out there that only take your information and then never send you anything! (Baby club US, I'm talking about you!)



Amazon Baby Registry gift bag order online for free after $10 registry purchase Create your registry and claim your bag here! You must have an Amazon Prime account to claim, if you don't have one you can start your free 30-day trial here! If you choose, you can purchase the bag at any time without a registry for $35. I don't think that's a wise investment, but sometimes they make up for that cost in items. You have to get lucky!

This bag for example, the swaddle costs $13.19, the bottle is $7.99, pacifier is $2.25, the onesie probably costs around $8-$10, and I couldn't find prices for the sanitizer and bubble bath but I'm sure no less than $2-3. In total that's about $36 not including the little samples. Not bad!

Spring 2022 bag


Target Baby Registry gift bag free in store. You can order it online for 5 cents, but it will only ship with a $35 order. I think they've been out of stock online lately though. Make your registry here! Don't forget to join Target Circle for extra coupons and benefits! You can read more about Target Circle here.

Spring 2022 Target registry bag


Babylist Hello Baby box (pay $10.73 for shipping after you add 3 items from the Babylist store, 3 items from other stores, and make a $10 registry purchase from Babylist store)

Make your registry here!

Spring 2022 Babylist Hello Baby Box


buy buy BABY Registry gift bag To clarify, there is a bag you can get in store for free. You can purchase the box online. There are some rumors are circulating that the store is going out of business, and that this is what caused the boxes to drastically drop in item content and value. For $10, I wouldn't buy this again. You're supposed to get the $10 returned to you in My Funds, but lots of people are complaining they don't get it. I didn't get mine, and I can't figure out how to start a customer service chat. The website is not great! Update: They've just put the box as unavailable, and they wrote "We don't know when or will the item be back in stock". (Yeah, that's exactly how they wrote it too.)

Spring 2022 buybuyBABY box


Similac StrongMoms: Sign up and receive a free sample box of formula cans and coupons, and a code for a free photo book from Shutterfly.

I'm not sure of the current status of the sample program due to the recent Similac formula recall. All of the cans I had received in my sample box at the end of 2021 were part of the recalled lot.


Enfamil Family Beginnings: Sign up and receive free samples of formula and coupons! You can also request separately to receive a sample of the toddler Enfagrow formula.


Nature's One Formula Sample: You do need to cover the $5.95 shipping fee, but you get a full sized can of formula to sample, limit of one per household. They have recently added a prenatal support shake sample as well.


Burts Bees Baby Infant Milk Organic Formula sample: I personally emailed this company asking if they offered any samples or coupons. I received one can of formula and one $10 off coupon! You can join their email list for free shipping and exclusive offers, which I believe is referring to coupons.


Motherhood Maternity Preggie-Perks: A free little package sent right to your door with some samples, coupons, and exclusive offers. You will also receive a one year subscription to Parents magazine, Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and In Style magazine.


hey, milestone free sample boxes: they offer a pregnancy sample box, newborn sample box, or family nutrition sample box. You can get them all, however they will have a shipping cost of $12.95 per box. They also have great paid boxes you can choose as well! Get yours here! Want to see the full list of boxes and contents? Check out my post here!

hey milestone newborn sample box spring 2022

hey milestone Pregnancy Sample Box Spring 2022


Dolly Parton's Imagination Library: This program is available only in select areas, and is 100% free. They will send an age appropriate book for your child each month from birth until the age of five! We've been getting them for almost 3 years now. The books are great, and each one has some tips on helping your child learn even more from them!


Mothers Lounge: These items are free, but you have to cover the shipping. I have purchased some of these items myself, and find that some are worth the price you pay for them. I'll provide the discount codes you will need for each item, and whether I personally think it's worth the price. I will still include them in the post in case anyone does want them for themselves!

  • Canopy Couture Carseat Cover Discount code MOTHERHOOD50 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Yes. I purchased one of these in 2019 and for the price I was very pleased with the quality.


  • SevenBaby Slings baby carrier Discount code MOTHERHOOD40 Cost to ship: $17 Worth it? Maybe, the price is good. But I never used mine, I felt nervous that it wasn't very secure, so I bought one with straps and buckles instead.


  • Nursing Pillow Discount code MOTHERHOOD40 Cost to ship: $20 Worth it? Maybe, It's half the price of a Boppy, sure. But it is smaller and as I recall the cover is not removable.


  • Udder Covers Nursing Cover Discount code MOTHERHOOD35 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Maybe, you can get the same thing on Amazon for half the price, however there are not as many cute patterns.


  • Milk Bands nursing reminder bracelets Discount code MOTHERHOOD35 Cost to ship: $11 Worth it? Maybe, if you aren't going to track feedings on an app. I bought these with my first baby, I don't think I even used them once.


  • Hotslings baby slings Discount code MOTHERHOOD30 (Does not cover entire cost of item) Cost to ship: $5.95 (Item and shipping total is $30.90) Worth it? No, not to me. I wouldn't pay that price for something my wiggle worm of a baby will probably try to squirm out of. I prefer buckles and straps, personally! Note: years ago, these were recalled due to suffocation hazard from improper wearing. Please follow all safety precautions and be careful!


  • Belly Button maternity bands Discount code MOTHERHOOD40 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Maybe, if you think you'll use it. Mine were too tight after like 15 weeks and I couldn't stand to wear them. I gave up on jeans long ago anyways!


  • Hooded Towels Discount code MOTHERHOOD35 Cost to ship: $17 Worth it? Maybe, it's not a bad price for a hooded towel, I personally just use regular towels on both of my kids!


  • Custom Pacifiers Discount code MOTHERHOOD30 Cost to ship: $15 Worth it? Yes, for $5 per piece that's a good price for a custom pacifier. I personally made custom pacifiers for both my kids with their names on them to keep in our memory boxes, but they didn't actually use them.


  • Custom Snappies onesies Discount Code MOTHERHOOD50 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Yes, for $8 each a custom onesie is a nice memento to have in your baby's memory box.


  • Little Wanderers baby shoes Discount Code MOTHERHOOD60 Cost to ship: $19 Worth it? Yes, $8 per pair is a good price for baby shoes. I got some of these for our first baby and we used them. I got the adorable moccasins and she wore them on her first Thanksgiving, and some little black shiny shoes for her first Christmas photos.


  • Baby Leggings (Or Bandana Bibs) You can buy either with the same discount code from the same site, you could also get some of each. Discount code MOTHERHOOD50 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Yes, You can have 5 of the $10 items in total with the code, so at about $3.20 per item that's a good price. I would personally choose the bibs over the leggings.


  • Reusable Breast Pads Code MOTHERHOOD35 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Yes, at $1.60 per pair, that's a good price for reusable breast pads.


  • Ruffle Buns diaper covers Discount Code MOTHERHOOD60 Cost to ship: $16 Worth it? Yes, I think these are cute for photos, but not much else. They're about $5.30 a piece which is reasonable.


  • Eskimo Kids hats Discount Code MOTHERHOOD35 Cost to ship: $13 Worth it? Yes, that's a decent price for a cute hat! I would suggest buying for a toddler or older kid rather than a newborn, though.


Your Health Insurance: I'm not sure about other states, but in my state the UCare MOMS Program offers a free baby resource box for pregnant women. All I had to do was call and ask. They sent me a box with two Target Registry bags inside. The coupons were expired but I was happy to have received the bags regardless. They also provide car seats to those who have no other means of getting them, and gift card incentives for doctor's visits. I received $75 for my first prenatal visit, and $75 for my 6 week postpartum visit.


Free or Discounted Breast Pumps: Aeroflow Breastpumps is one of the handful of companies that helps you get a breast pump through your health insurance. They do not work with all health insurance companies, but you can always check and see. They will also check back with you frequently to make sure you get replacement parts covered by insurance as well.


These are all of the freebies for pregnancy & baby that I know to be true and real! There are more out there that I personally have not claimed before so I did not include them. If I find some more and successfully get them in my hands, I'll update the post.

If you're here you must be expecting! Do you want to know more about baby registries? Check out my post here! You may also be interested in my posts about prenatal and postpartum essentials. I would also recommend taking a look at 20 things I wish I knew about breastfeeding before having my first baby and 30 exclusive pumping essentials while you're at it.

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