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Are you looking to add some chuckle to your boring kitchen? Do you need an entire fleet of Nessie themed scoops and spoons? What about pasta themed spoon rests? Search no further, and browse this collection of hilariously quirky kitchen gadgets!

Who even comes up with these? I still can't get over the spaghetti monster colander and matching servers. Save this post for later when it's Christmas time or you need to buy a housewarming gift for a friend - or you just need a fresh set of funky tongs!

Unsplash | Becca Tapert


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Does finding a place to set your spoon down make you crabby?

Me too. I love this little crab, who looks to be holding the spoon in protest.

Red the Crab Spoon Rest


These cat tongs are paws-itively adorable!

I almost want to buy two pairs and use them as "hands" for the entire day. They would make an excellent pawsta server or salad pawssers.

Miya Catch Cat Tongs


Do you love plants?

These adorable Monstera leaf trivets would make a lovely addition to your kitchen (that probably has plants in it already), and will add a nice natural touch to any plain countertops.

Monstera Leaf Trivets


On the topic of monstera plants, this spoon would love to join those trivets on your counter!

Monstera Spoon


This one is my absolute favorite!

I have the song "Flying Spaghetti Monster" in my head every time I look at it.

Spaghetti Monster Colander


And what will you use to get your spaghetti out of the spaghetti monster colander?

Well, these spaghetti monster servers of course!

Pasta Monsters Servers


If you're looking for a larger spoon rest than a little crab,

this ravioli rest is sure to fit any of your larger utensils!

Ravioli Spoon Rest


The classic quirky kitchen companions, baby and mama Nessie as a ladle and colander spoon.

The perfect pair to be sure get both the soup and the broth evenly into one serving!

Nessie & Mama Ladle and Colander Spoon Set


Now hold on a minute, you can't separate the family! Papa Nessie will be there to scoop your pasta for you,

while mama and baby scoop the sauce and meatballs!

Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon


Now what about teatime? Which Nessie will help you there? Little itty bitty sweet Nessie!
Sweet Nessie Sugar Spoon


Do you have a craftsman in the house?

I know my brother has a hobby of working with wood,

and he's always hungry! This circular saw pizza cutter is perfect for him.

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter


Do regular cheese graters leave you feeling unprepared for battle?

Equip yourself with the gratiator,

and defend yourself from a lack of shredded cheese!

Gratiator Cheese Grater


Stop monkeying around trying to peel potatoes with a knife! Allow this kind chimp to assist you, and save yourself from nicks and cuts.

Monkey Vegetable Peeler


Is your hand stuck in the Nutella jar, again? Next time, try using this very long billed platypus scraper! Did you know platypi are the only mammals that lay eggs? Well this one probably doesn't, because his only job is to scrape jars.

Splatypus Jar Spatula


Are you like me, constantly testing pasta to check if it's done? Stop that! Toss Al Dente in with your penne and go put your feet up for a moment. When you hear his cheerful tunes, it's time to eat!

Well, you still have to drain the pasta. That's not part of his job description.

Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer


Did your hard boiled egg roll away again? Boring breakfast spread? Place your hard boiled eggs into these hilarious sumo legs - The kids will surely enjoy their eggs now!

Sumo Egg Holders


Normal funnels are so plain and unexciting. Everybody loves a good magic mushroom, am I right?

Magic Mushroom Funnel


These are the chopsticks you're looking for!

Lightsaber Chopsticks


I love this little spud dude. He seems so very familiar to me, I think my mom has one!

Spud Dude Vegetabe Scrubber


Is anyone else just ready for bed after washing the dishes?

Let your sponge rest for tomorrow. The poor thing must be exhausted!

Clean Dreams Sponge Holder


Being poached is probably very hard work. Let the egg get some well deserved R&R!

Relaxing Egg Poacher


Herbs are a crucial part of making soup. However, I don't enjoy chewing and swallowing an entire bay leaf! This Drumstick infuser will hold onto all of your herbs

so you get all of the flavor and none of the chewing.

Drumstick Herb Infuser


Lid Sid just wants to hang out! Hang him over the edge of the pot to vent steam, or set him down on the counter to hold up your spoon for you.

Lid Sid Pot Vent and Spoon Rest


Regular mashers are so boring and honestly hard to clean! This surprised-looking kraken will spice up mashed potato night,

and looks like it will clean a lot easier than the old metal mashers.

Red Kraken Potato Masher


I don't know about you, but I get tired of chasing eggs around the pot with a spoon. Pop your eggs into the egguins, boil, and pull them out! You can even store them in there. So simple and adorable. Look at that great teamwork!



Impress your tea party guests with this adorable tea-ny tiny tea house!

Tea House


Remember the ravioli spoon rest? Pair that with these farfalloni pot holders and you've got an im-pastably adorable set.

Farfalloni Pot Holders


If you liked the ravioli spoon rest and the faralloni pot holders,

you're going to love the spaghetti spaghetti spoon!

Spaghetti Spaghetti Spoon


I sure hope you got a chuckle out of this post, and have found a fun new accessory for your kitchen!

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