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Just like on Mother's Day, we find ourselves frantically scrambling to get our fathers and husbands something they may not actually need, but will enjoy opening. It is the thought that counts, and bonus points if it's something practical or funny!

Growing up, my dad didn't often use a lot of the things we thought were so clever for Father's Day, his birthday, or Christmas. There's still a huge pile of gadgets and gizmos that he just never needed. He's a very simple guy, and now we just buy him memory cards for his cameras since he's taken up photography.

I do like to get something for my husband for Father's Day that's from the kids and I. I try not to stray too far from his favorite snacks, teas, a new mug, or something he might use for fishing. He typically uses everything we get for him because we know just what he wants!

Here's a list of a few common and popular Father's Day gifts, I hope that one of them fits the needs of the guy in your life!

This post contains affiliate links. This means that any purchases made through the links will provide me a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to keep the blog running and support me! Read my full disclosure here.


The Toilet Timer This little thing has been seen on Shark Tank, and I think it's hilarious. It runs about five minutes, and makes a neat little decoration for any bathroom shelf or toilet tank.



Bosmarlin Coffee Mug I personally am not a fan of the quirky "best farter ever" kind of mugs, neither is my husband. If I was to buy him another new mug, I have been eyeing this one for its simple design and sturdy look.



Marlowe Body Scrub Soap Bar

For a guy who likes to feel real clean, a scrub bar is a good gift. You know for sure it's gonna be used and enjoyed. The only downside to soap shopping online is that you can't smell it first! I've gotten my husband soaps for gifts for the last few major holidays, and so far they've been good!



Puma Low Cut Running Socks

No, I'm not joking! Everyone goes through socks, especially those men who are standing for very long periods of time. A fresh pack of socks every now and then never hurt anybody! Puma has very good ones.



True Classic Tees

I recently bought my husband a 3 pack of these shirts, and he loves them. the fit is great and they're extremely comfortable! I think we'll be ordering some more. The price is absolutely worth it.




Up here in the midwest, Crocs are very popular summer shoes. They do wear out over time, so check if your guy is overdue for a new pair! A second pair also doesn't hurt to have, especially if you're a family with a cabin - you can have a home pair and a cabin pair.



Sandisk SD Memory Card

Do you have a photographer dad, or is that just me? A photographer loves more storage to take more photos, and will rarely delete some to make more space! We'll be buying these for him forever.



Ridge Wallet

These minimalist wallets are very popular. They're slimmer than a traditional leather wallet, which is better on the spine when someone sits on it. They're RFID blocking and can fit into a front pocket which is easier to keep safe than a rear pocket! My dad uses a rubber band as a wallet, but I've been considering for a while getting him one of these.



Basic Flashlights

Another gift that's likely to be used is a new flashlight. It's usually dads who have flashlights in hand when the lights go out or during camping! It's good practice to have one in every area in the house in the event of a power outage, especially in areas with severe weather where that happens often.



A keepsake book

I love books like this where you can ask questions and write down answers. People don't live forever, but memories do. These are great to hold onto and pass down to kids and grandkids. We recently had a loss in the family, and having some more written memories would have been great for us to read over!



A simple bird feeder

Lots of dads and grandpas out there love to watch birds. Mine do! It never hurts to add another bird feeder to the collection. Pair it with a bag of the appropriate bird seed and you've got a gift that keeps on giving!



Gift Card for something he will use

For example, a gift card for gas would be a great gift for someone who travels a lot. A gift card to dads favorite takeout place suggests an opportunity to get together for a meal!


Unsplash | Christopher Williams


Gesture Coupons

I think this is something we've all made for our dads when we were kids. "This coupon is good for one back scratch, trip to the park, etc"


Unsplash | Julia Morales


Something made by the kids or grandkids

Proud dads and grandpas love getting handmade cards or crafts from the little buddies in their life.

Some examples are painted handprints made into animals, fishing puns such as "hooked on dad" with the handprint as the fish, or a painted picture frame with a favorite photo inside.


Unsplash | Aaron Lee


Spend some quality time

Do something fun that you wouldn't normally do. Go fishing, go for a hike, check out your local zoo, something you know dad will enjoy! You could even pack a picnic with dad's favorite sandwiches and cookies.


Unsplash | Jackie Park

Well there you have it, 15 Father's Day gift ideas. I hope something on this list fits the needs of the dad or grandpa in your life! Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there.


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