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For the longest time, I had no idea what a "Montessori" toy was, or even the Montessori Method.

I saw these kinds of toys and activities as "boring" compared to bright flashy electronic toys, and things of that nature.

When I was pregnant with my second child, and my first was just turning two, I started to become more interested in these types of toys. I noticed that my oldest was more interested in figuring out how to do things with her hands and make things work, rather than just pressing some buttons that made noise. (Though she sure does do that still!)

Montessori - (noun)

a system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods. (A child centered form of education where most activities are led by the child)

The Five Principles of the Montessori Method:

  1. Children are shown respect (They learn at their own pace, and develop a sense of autonomy)

  2. The absorbent mind. (They explore the world they were born into)

  3. Sensitive Periods (Not referring to emotional sensitivity, but learning periods such as crawling, walking, reading)

  4. The prepared environment (Having easily accessible, prepared activities and toys, displayed on things such as low shelves)

  5. Auto education (They learn how to educate themselves)

I selected the following toys because I see them as very basic, simple and fun for kids of various ages and stages! I've tried my best to compile this list of a wide variety of Amazon's best Montessori toys to save you searching time.

You can even bookmark this post as an idea list when Christmas or birthdays come around!

I do have to say, I have played with the stacking rainbow a whole lot more than my toddler has..

Note: I won't specify what ages the toys are intended for, because all kids are at different stages developmentally. You know what your child is capable of better than anybody!
















I hope seeing this quick list of toys gave you an idea of something new for your child that isn't all bright colors and flashing lights. Do their brains a favor and get them something they can really learn from!

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