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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Jonathan Borba | Unsplash

Even though we all know our mothers very well, and have know them our entire lives, we may find ourselves Googling "Mother's Day gift ideas" every year!

Every mother has different styles, different wants, and different needs. It really boils down to "get mom something she will actually use!"

For example, I could buy my mother in law a scented candle she will use and love. My own mother wouldn't care for a candle, and would more enjoy something she uses on a daily basis like coffee creamer or a new t shirt!

It is the thought that counts! Bonus points if the kids get in on it and make something sweet for mom or grandma.



This post may contain affiliate links - meaning that if you make a purchase through one of my links, I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.


Dry Brush - I recently bought one of these and I absolutely love it. It only takes a few minutes a day to use, and makes a difference in skin softness immediately. Over time will also help in reduction of cellulite. What mom doesn't have a bit of cellulite? Price: $10


Earth Mama Organics Organic Peaceful Tea - This relaxing citrus chamomile tea is sure to help any mama have a calm and collected Mother's Day! I married into a tea loving family, so this would surely be a hit for them.

Tip: save 15% site wide by using my discount code TEACHINGMOTHERHOOD15 Price with discount: $5.30


Boob Box- Do you know a breastfeeding mama? These awesome gift boxes have all the necessities! These items are hand picked by a breastfeeding mama herself!

Right now, she's got the pre-built boxes on sale for Mother's Day, and free shipping on the Build A Box! Don't know what Boob Box is best for mama? Get her a gift card and let her pick one out or build one herself. Problem solved! Tip: If you know an expecting mama, grab one of these boxes while they're on sale now! They make awesome baby shower gifts! Price: $50 - $175


Birthstone Ring - I personally have one of these with my girls' birthstones and I love it. The shipping was very fast, the seller was very accommodating, and I have had no issues with the ring from every day wear. It makes me smile every time I look at it!

Price: $26+


Epsom Salt Bath Soak- Everybody knows the Dr. Teals brand epsom salts! Mom can make a cup of tea, dry brush, and have a nice long bath while dad hangs out with the kids!

Price: $5


Special Coupons: These are great for the kids to make for mom! You can put things like "clean the house", "make dinner", "give mom a hug" and things of that nature.

Price: $8


Flowers: The classic Mother's Day gesture, flowers are a timeless gift. These are sure to make mom smile! You can check the selection at your local grocery store or florist.

Price: $15 - $30


Coffee or Tea Gift Basket: Throw together mom's favorite brand of coffee, tea, creamer or sweetener, and a new mug and you've got yourself a hand picked gift that's sure to be used! Target has the best mugs for the best prices, in my opinion!

Price: Varies by coffee/tea brand and cost, Target mugs are usually $5 - $7


"Self Care" Bag - You know what brands of soaps, skincare and lotions that your mom uses. Get her a couple of her favorites, because you know she'll use them! Make sure to emphasize you are not getting her this because she smells bad!

Price: $10 - $30


Her Favorite Chocolates: At some point, she will eat them! Maybe it's the entire package before the day's end. Maybe its a piece here and a piece there. Another classic and timeless gift.

Price: $10 - $30 depending on the brand


One Line A Day Journal: This is great for moms with littler kids or babies who have more frequent milestones, or learn new words daily. It's fun to look back on, I'm on the second year of mine and I love it.

Price: $13


Oilogic Bundles: If baby sleeps better, mom sleeps better! I personally got my hands on the sleep bundle recently and we love it. It's safe for babies over 3 months old, and can be used on everyone else in the family as well! The smell isn't overpowering, and they don't have a gross or oily feel to them. I have always used lavender products to help my kids relax at bedtime, and I like to use the roller myself!

Price: $30


Candles: Some moms really like candles! They're relaxing, smell nice, and make can compliment a table or dresser. My husband got me this nice set of 3 from Costco. When the candles run out, I have three very cute little pots I can put plants in! Faux plants of course, I can't keep any real ones alive.

Price: $30


Take Mom For A Trip! Sometimes, mom wants to go somewhere that's not the grocery store. Where, you may ask? Anywhere! A picnic in the backyard, a drive around town, on a nature walk at a nearby park, whatever your mom likes.

Price: Time and gas! Hint to my husband and kids, I want to go to a regional/state park!

A photo I took on a fishing trip with my husband, 2020


Handmade Gifts From The Kids: This one I'll leave to your imagination. You can set the kids up with age-appropriate art supplies, and they can make something. Handprint art, painted flowerpots, a simple card, whatever they come up with. All moms love sweet handmade gifts from their kids!

Price: Time and supplies


Well, there you have it. With 15 different Mother's Day gift ideas here, there's bound to be at least one for the special mama in your life!

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