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Hi there! My name is Anna. I'm a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and mom of two (soon to be three!)

When I had my first baby I knew nothing about what would happen to my body during and after pregnancy. I couldn't imagine how much a newborn can cry, eat, and poop. I didn’t know a single thing about breastfeeding, and because of that lack of critical knowledge I couldn’t keep up with it and gave up. 


I spent lots of time learning things the hard way. 4 years and two kids later, I've gathered quite a bit of information.

My hope for this website is to become a place that other moms can find not only information to help them make their lives a little bit easier, but to find support, encouragement, and even their village. I don't want anyone else to struggle with some of the things that I did, or to feel the way that I felt when I didn't know enough about things like breastfeeding and pumping. Such a natural process, but unbelievably difficult because it in fact does not just "come naturally!"

When I tried breastfeeding my first baby, it was SO HARD. She cried (as all babies did) and I was given misinformation about my diet giving her gas and not knowing any better, I got frustrated and depressed and gave up. I tried pumping for a few days.. I refused to spend $40 on a pumping bra, I wore giant sized flanges because I thought everyone did, I thought I could pump twice a day at a few days postpartum and have tons of milk. I cried because I didn't have a freezer stash at only a few days. It quickly became too much, and I gave up. I found out later on, that I was wrong about EVERYTHING. I'll do my very best to prevent that from happening to anyone else, I don't want anyone to feel the way I did.

I turned the tables when I had my second baby, I was so much more educated and prepared. Nursing didn't quite work out- but I'll die before I give up on exclusive pumping before I'm ready. I made it just about 14 months before I got pregnant again and my supply disappeared! 

My grandma always told us when we were kids that “if you don’t learn something new, then your day was a waste!”


So, what are you waiting for? Come and learn something new today!

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